Injustice 2 is out tomorrow, so that means my lineup is to be dominated with DC projects. Finally getting to some I've been putting off. Like this Robin. I've made Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake, but I've never fixed up a Damian Wayne. I like his traditional design, but once I saw the trailer, I knew I was going to make something inspired by his in game design.

Sculpted up the gauntlets and added a bit to his lower legs, as well. Added some sculpt to his torso to smooth it over, then sculpted up the hood, too. Cut down the bottom of the Gladiator cape a little, then cut off the collar and sculpted up a new one. From there, just a full repaint. Topped off with a sword that came from Dimension X or something because I don't recall ever seeing it in my sword stock until now. Seriously, it was right there on top. It was weird. But, he looks awesome with it, and I finally have the fourth completed!


Base - MU Daredevil
Skirt Piece - MU Starlord
Cape - MU Gladiator
Sword - no clue