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Thread: Crimson Lord Batman

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    Crimson Lord Batman

    I never could get into Infinite Heroes (apparently like most), but I did love the designs. My favorite of those was this Crimson Lord Batman. It was an alternate costume to Nightmare Batman. Didn't think it looked great in game, but I've always loved this art. I thought it was such an awesome concept, but a similarly overwhelming project. With Injustice 2 coming out, I had to push past the intimidation and finally cross him off the list.

    Quite a nightmare of a project. The simple version is I resculpted the whole figure. Did the torso in two layers, added the lined segments on the arms and legs, then did the kneepads and elbow pads over that. Cut down the Steve Rogers hands, then glued the Doctor's claws over them, smoothing the palms over with sculpt. Glued the arm blades in place, then sculpted up the rest of the gauntlets. Sculpted up the skirt piece, as well. For the head, I sculpted up all the hair and then crown over that. The Bat emblem actually only took me one try, surprisingly. Sculpted up the collar, and the fur/feathers on the end of it. Cut down the front of Deadshot's jacket a bit, slipped it on, sculpted around the shoulders a bit, smoothed it into the collar, and added a bit to the front, as well. Dremeled through the jacket and into the back to fit the wings. Glued them in place, full repaint, and done! Whew. Finally!


    Body - MU Steve Rogers
    Head - MU Punisher
    Jacket - Infinite Heroes Gotham Knight Deadshot
    Belt/Feet - MU Captain America
    Claws - GI Joe ROC Doctor
    Wings - Demon resin cast
    Arm Blades - Infinite Heroes Batman

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    Never seen this version of Batman before, but I like it and you made a great resembling custom!

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    That is pretty slick dude

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