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Thread: Rampart

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    I made a Rampart previously, but didn't really like the Artic Snake Eyes torso I used. Since I made a custom TFA Han, I had his arms and coat left over so I revisited my Rampart.

    I know the original had a black jacket, but I'm sure he has more than one jacket in his wardrobe.

    I like the club one, but just don't want to pay club prices. What do you think? I took some pics with his vintage missile launcher and some with the one that the club one came with. I will go with the style that the club came with cause the vintage one's strap makes it look weird.

    With the new style launcher the club one comes with. You can also see the peg that I made for the vintage rifle to hook on to.

    Here's how the rifle attaches to the peg on his belt

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    It has a Star Wars feel, but I really dig it. Hoth Han Solo, almost.

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