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Thread: Android 16

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    Android 16

    Dragon Ball Fighterz is due out soon, meaning it was time to finally make some DBZ figures. I wanted to do a full set of Androids 16, 17, and 18, but the latter two are giving me some difficulty. And I was already making some crazy difficult projects this month. But 16 came together great! One I figured out a few months ago, and have been dying to actually put together.

    The general body combo is the same as always. Everything else was sculpted. Sculpted over the Hyperion boots so they would maintain their bulk. Did the torso in two layers. On the upper torso, I smoothed it over, then added the raised sections. On the lower torso, I added the black section with the cuts, then added the smooth area around it. Then the points on either side of his legs, and the belt. Sculpted up the bracers, then moved to the head. Sanded the Hyperion head down completely, then sculpted up the hair piece by piece. Whew. Full repaint, and done!


    Upper Torso, Arms, Legs, Head - MU Hyperion
    Lower Torso - MU Wonder Man

    android16 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    android162 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    android163 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    android164 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    android165 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

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    Nailed it!!

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