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Thread: Atomic Skull

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    Atomic Skull

    Way back in my first year, I fixed up an Atomic Skull. At the time, it was quite an endeavor. I had just started working with sculpt and he needed a decent bit. While I've seen some awesome designs for the character, I do really like his JLU look. And I figure knocking out this skull character gets me one step closer to finally making that Danny Ketch Ghost Rider.

    Usual body combo approach. Working on so many other characters that use it too. I love this build. Sculpted up the boots and bracers, then smoothed over the torso. Sculpted up the collar, and also had to sculpt up the flames since they had been removed long ago. Full repaint, and done!


    Upper Torso, Arms, Upper Legs - MU Hyperion
    Lower Torso, Lower Legs - MU Wonder Man
    Belt - MU Doc Samson
    Head - MU Ghost Rider

    atomicskull9 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    atomicskull10 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    atomicskull11 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    atomicskull12 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

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    Interesting character build for sure

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