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    Whew. I knew it would come up eventually. This guy's design is insane! I mean, it makes sense. He's supposed to be a one man army. But still. A very intimidating project. The problem is trying to add enough where he looks accurate, but keep it limited enough so he can still move and things aren't just falling off him. So far, this one has worked out. Just hope everything survives shipment.

    Sculpted up the hair and redid the mask a little bit. Sculpted up the pouches on his legs, the straps on his legs, the straps on his arms, his belt, the harness, and the additional strap across his chest. The knives and grenades were all cast from Marauder. The holster on his leg was from AvacsLab, and the pouches on his belt were various cut off pouches and casts. The sword and rifle were random, and were glued in place on his back. Topped off with two more guns from Marauder, given a full repaint, and done! Finally!


    Body - MU Daredevil
    Head - MU Captain America
    Weapons - Marauder casts

    solo by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    solo2 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    solo3 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    solo4 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr
    solo5 by Casey Moorehead, on Flickr

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    Nice build all around!

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