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From the desk of co-founder Flint…

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Sep 142017

On the sixteenth anniversary of 9/11 current GI Joe writer Aubrey Sitterson (@aubreysitterson) took to Twitter to offer his own brand of social commentary. The reaction on social media was, as I can only guess, exactly what he intended. He is a “social medial consultant” after all, so it’s hard to imagine that such comments were meant to be innocuous.

The response to Sitterson’s tweet ranged from utter contempt to full support among fans. Some fans felt that Sitterson was not properly representing the GI Joe property with his comments, while others countered that using one’s freedom of speech embodies the ideals of a Real American Hero.

And of course, within a few tweets the name-calling, side taking and what is affectionately known as, nerd rage, ensued. Demands rang out for the publisher of the current GI Joe comic, IDW, to take swift action to remedy this perceived slight, and Sitterson’s supporters fired back. The back and forth, on both sides, has really gotten ugly and personal. Ain’t social media grand?

There is part of me that wants to throw OG13’s hat in the ring, and take a side on this matter. But I am not going to do that. For one, OG13 isn’t mine. It belongs to every one of the members who have posted here, past and present (even the ones we’ve banned. I think there was that one guy once), and I would never presume to speak for all of them. Instead, I would ask that all of the OG13 family make their own informed decision and act accordingly with their own moral compass pointed solidly due north.

If you decide that you want to stop buying IDW titles, or just ones that Sitterson writes, have at it. Money is power, and there is no greater protest than simply not buying what you don’t like.

We’ve had members write letters to IDW stating their opinions and asking for consideration as members of the GI Joe community. I’ve been privy to a few of the letters and e-mails too. Some are pretty powerful…..some are just hateful rants.

Others have taken to social media to loudly proclaim their feelings and thoughts.

Let’s not forgot those lurkers who are sitting back content to keep their thoughts to themselves and watch the rest of us press on (we know you’re there. Hi!).

I do caution our members on acting recklessly, however.  A poorly conceived (or maybe just poorly conveyed) message started this whole whirlwind. Be better than that, act with purpose and do not become incensed beyond the capability of rational thought if you don’t get exactly what you demand. Think critically about why you don’t support Sitterson’s comment, or conversely why you may support it, and convey your message with passion and resolve. Far too often we blurt forth our comments from a raw, emotional place without knowing why we feel that way. Convey the why. Why are you pissed off? Explain why! Don’t resort to name-calling and trite labels (right wing, left wing, conservative, liberal…horseshit, half of the people who spew these forth don’t understand the meaning anyway).

Pick a fight because it’s a fight worth picking, not simply because you can.

***the above comment is that of co-founder Flint of OG13 and do not constitute a formal response or position from www.OG13.com ***

But I still have access to the admin page so I get to rant on the front page for a minute I guess.

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OG13 Alum Score Win at Joe Con 2017!!

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Jun 182017

frontpage spotlight
OG13 represented HARD in the custom contests at Joe Con 2017

Miles Mayhem scored 2nd place for his Abandoned Rolling Thunder.


Ozzie92 scored 2nd in the Frankenjoes contest with Dr. Isotope.


Ian Lalonde (also known as Ian, lol) scored a 3rd for small diorama with his stellar updated Fang copter, as well as a 3rd place with Payload in the Frankenjoes.


Well done guys!!

click for more



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OG13 Random Christmas Giveaway

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Dec 142015

contest contests

‘Tis the season for a little random give-away. OG 13 style!!

To start we’re putting up for grabs a Factory Sealed Box of 1991 GI Joe Trading Cards from Impel.

All you have to do is click the link below (and of course be a member of OG13)

click for more


Oh yeah!! And for every 100 posts in the contest thread we’re adding another prize to be given away randomly on Christmas Day to one of the lucky posters!!

2015 GI Joe / Transformers X-Over Sets on Sale now

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Jul 302015

frontpage toy news

Name:  TFJOEx15-promo.jpg
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The first ever joint G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club and Transformers Collectors’ Club Crossover Exclusives are now available for sale!



Be sure to visit the Club Store for more details and to order your Marissa Faireborn w/ Afterbreaker and Old Snake w/ B.A.T.s today!


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G.I Joe Club : FSS 4.0 Sneak Peek Preview

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Jul 082015

frontpage toy news

So is this the sneak peek of Sneak Peek?

Name:  FSS4sneakpeekWEB.jpg<br />
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Size:  68.3 KB


(Based on the European exclusive Tiger Force action figure!)

Includes: removable helmet & vest, assault rifle, binoculars, field radio, NEW periscope, and figure stand.


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Supertroopers 2

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Mar 252015

entertainment news

Super Troopers 2 is officially a go thanks to the over $2 million in donations the film’s Indiegogo page has received just one day into its campaign.

Of course we’re not affiliated with Broken Lizard in any way, but I think the majority of us can agree that the first SUPERTROOPERS movie was pretty damn funny.

Good luck guys, can’t wait to see to see this hit the theaters.

The film currently has $2,016,658 in funds raised, and the numbers are still climbing.




Help for the Head / Capua Family

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Feb 092015

From the desk of Nomad at Joe Declassified (www.joedeclassified.com)

“With permission of Gary’s wife Elizabeth, we’ve created a donation method via Declassified for you to contribute funds directly to the family if you so wish…We plan to do a more organized fundraiser later, but several people have been expressing their desire to help as soon as possible.”

OG13 is posting a direct link to Joe Declassified website where you can donate to Gary “Googles” Head family.

GIJOE2 300x63 Mourning a Friend

Click the logo above for a direct link to the Joe Declassified Donation Page

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2015 JoeCon Reveal : 12″ Exclusive Figure

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Feb 092015

frontpage toy news

“This year’s 12” Convention set is unique as it features a vintage styled reproduction figure and uniform ALONG with an additional NEW uniform based on the patterns and tooling for the reproduction uniform set! Inside the larger presentation box, you will find this excellent reproduction 12” G.I. Joe Adventurer with a reproduction of the “red top” box he came packaged in back in 1969. Only two figures were offered in the line that year, as G.I. Joe was transitioned from the original military line to the Adventure Team line of the 1970s. He comes with his tan pants, white tee shirt, boots, shoulder holster with revolver, dog tag and cap. The tan cap and tee shirt alone are highly sought after by vintage G.I. Joe collectors. The box for this figure is also difficult to come by. In the 2015 set, they all are offered as licensed reproductions for the very first time.”

JoeCon 2015 GI Joe Adventurer Hisstank

2015 JoeCon Exclusive 12 Inch Box Set Hisstank


GIJoeCon 2015 - Home!

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JoeCon 2015 Tiger Force Dial Tone Reveal…

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Feb 062015

frontpage toy news

The official G.I. Joe club has revealed the their latest exclusive figure for the 2015 convention in Springfield.

Take a look below, and click VIEW/DISCUSS to share your opinion.

Joe Con 2015 Dial Tone


GIJoeCon 2015 - Home!

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GI Joe found at Ollies

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Oct 072014

frontpage toy news

For those who missed out on the $5.00 RETALIATION JOES at Five Below, it looks like there is a second chance to pick them up, along with the vehicles and role play items.

Ollies “Good Stuff Cheap” has Single Carded Retaliation Joes for $4.99

Vehicles are $8.99 to $9.99 and include the FangBoat, Ninja Cruiser and Tread Ripper (at the location in Lewistown, PA anyway )

Who knows that kind of goodness you might find at your local Ollies.


[Click here to find an Ollies near you]

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Spider-Man on set of Avengers 2 ?

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Jul 172014

Saw this online today and figured, what the hell, let’s put it to the OG13 experts (or smart-asses) for their unbiased analysis.

Is Spidey in Avengers: Age of Ultron the best kept secret in the Marvel Universe, or is this possibly Ant-Man on set.

Or did some crafty bastard drop some Photoshop on us???

You decide, and click here to vote.


July 4, 2014 : Independence Day

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Jul 042014

All we have of freedom, all we use or know –
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.
~Rudyard Kipling, The Old Issue, 1899

OG13 wishes all its brothers and friends a Happy and Safe Independence Day.

Enjoy time spent with families and take a moment to remember those who have given their all, so that you can.



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G.I. Joe: FSS 3.0 – Head Sculpt Sneak Peek

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Jun 302014

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club has released pictures of the head sculpts for the 3rd Figure Subscription Service. It appears that the head sculpts are very close to what we’ve been seeing in the digital proofs. If you were on the fence about this the 3rd FSS you might want to peep these . The deadline to order is June 1, 2014.




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OG13 JOECON T-SHIRT (Pre-Orders)

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Mar 202014

frontpage spotlight


It’s that time of year where we are gearing up for JoeCon.

This year there is a ZOMBIE OUTBREAK in Dallas Texas and OG13 is sending in their very own Zombie Response Unit

This new shirt features artwork by our very own Lantern Lad. The front features the newly redesigned circular logo,

and the back clearly identifies you as an OG13 ZOMBIE RESPONSE UNIT team member.

[Click here for ordering instructions and pricing]

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