Jun 202016

custom customs

Over the past few months Ive been in a creative slump. Nothing has really motivated me to work on a custom piece, and Ive only cranked out a few since I moved to Virginia last summer. Its kind of sucked really. That being said I believe the dust has beeen knocked off because I really felt motivated to do this custom!

Any how, I had the epiphany to use the ROC Rex torso to make a Gambit custom; Gambit being one of my FAVORITE X-Men characters ever. After this I found that I had a Gambit head in my fodder, and then it was just a matter of finding suitably armored legs to really hammer it home. The rest of the work came from some light green stuff sculpting on the lower legs to hide the factory pants sculpting, and using that same green stuff to make his trade mark cards and smokes. The energy effects were done with hot glue.

I hope you dig it!


Head – AVACS Lab Cast
Torso – ROC Rex
Arms – ” ”
Hands – ” ”
Upper Legs – ” ”
Lower Legs – 50th Rock Viper
Feet – DG Snake Eyes

Coat – ROC Rex
Staff – Random Fodder
Cards and cigarette – Green stuff
Energy effect – Hot glue w/ green stuff card inside

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