Sep 122016

From Danny Boy to Fragnarock, we’ve got what you want to hear! Even if you don’t realize you want to hear it!

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 3.13.28 PM


We have a two-fer for you today! First up:

Episode 31: Oh Danny boy, the nerds, the nerds are calling. In this action packed episode we sit down with Danny Soler, OG NWA member. We’re talking Stranger Things, Rogue One and GI Joe subscription figures. All this and more from the upside down. Click here for episode 31!

… and if that weren’t enough, our latest masterpiece:

Episode 32: Fragnarock!┬áLive long and prosper nerds! It’s a new episode. Kevin, Miggs, Scott, Andrew and Brian helm their battle stations and set news articles for stun. They’ve got superhero news from the big and small screen, tech updates, toy reviews and so much more. So boldly go and listen to this episode!

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