[CUSTOM OF THE MONTH] Vote NOW for October’s Winner!

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Nov 042015

custom of the month



That’s right, the polls are open for October’s Custom of the Month! Show your support for your comrades-in-plastic by placing your vote in this month’s contest. There’s 12 great entries to chose from and remember, voting is multiple choice. Choose one or choose them all, just get in there and vote!



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[CUSTOMS] Vietnam LRRP Squad, by ozzie92

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Sep 192015

custom customs

From the desk of the Ozzman himself…

Finally done! I’ve wanted to do this for years, and have had these WIPs for over a year, looking for the fodder I needed. This LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) squad is based on Hama’s Marvel universe and back story, but most closely aligned with the modern penciled take of SE Declassified.

Hit the link below for tons more pics, and be sure to sound off with your comments!

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[CUSTOMS] G.I. Joe All Stars, Day 2 with StarWarsGeek

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Sep 022015

custom customs


The party continues as we give you Day 2 of G.I. Joe All-Stars with customizer extraordinaire, Mayhem Customs’ StarWarsGeek with his top notch renditions of our all star favorite G.I. Joe characters, Cover Girl and Snake Eyes!

“G. I. Joe All-Stars will largely focus on re-imaginings of your favorite Joes and Cobras, but will also include faithful ARAH remakes and more! As a bonus, expect a few TBT custom pics from Reloaded/Recoiled.”

Day 2 – Cover Girl and Snake Eyes by StarWarsGeek!


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[CUSTOMS SPOTLIGHT] G.I. Joe All Stars, Day 1 with Dav Anthony

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Sep 012015

custom customs spotlight


G.I. Joe All-Stars is finally here!

Maybe you’ve heard the whispers. The rumblings. The social media chatter… Perhaps you’ve seen the “coming soon” posts. The blacked-out image teasers. The list of impressive participants… Well, it’s time! 3rd in the trilogy of projects that have birthed G.I. Joe Reloaded and Cobra Recoiled, G.I. Joe All-Stars is ready to showcase a treasure-trove of customs from a diversely-talented group of customizers!

Chaos Crew Customs

Now let’s get ready to rumble as we start off Day 1 with the amazing rendition of Battle Force 2000 from one of the best in the industry, give it up for Dav Anthony / True Gritt Customs of Mayhem Customs!

Day 1 – Battle Force 2000 by Dav Anthony!

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March: Calling All Customs (Hit & Run)

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Mar 132015

Do you have a custom Hit & Run, painting, artwork,photo, sketch or any other piece of custom work related to this month’s selected character Hit & Run? If so please share with us. Or get to work and make something for the showcase. Here’s some submissions from a few faithful showcase customizers so far.

Indiana Joe




POLL: February Calling All Customs Character

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Jan 282015

Who will it be. Please click on the link to vote on your favorite Joe or Cobra character for the month of Feb

Sgt Slaughter
Cover Girl

11th Annual Action Figure Expo September 28th Meet Larry Hama

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Sep 202014

frontpage toy news

Thanks to OG13 member Ooyah for the heads up! Larry Hama will be attending the Action Figure Expo next weekend in Toronto.

2014 Guest Information

larry-hamaLARRY HAMA
Larry Hama is best known to fans as writer of the Marvel Comics licensed series G.I. Joe, based on the Hasbro line of military action figures. Hama said in a 2006 interview that he was given the job by then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter after every other writer at Marvel had turned it down. Hama at the time had recently pitched a Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off series, Fury Force, about a special mission force. Hama used this concept as the back-story for G.I. Joe. He included military terms and strategies, Eastern philosophy, martial arts and historical references from his own background. The comic ran 155 issues (February 1982-October 1994).

Hama also wrote the majority of the G.I. Joe action figures’ file cards—short biographical sketches designed to be clipped from the G.I. Joe and Cobra cardboard packaging.[9] In 2007 these filecards were reprinted in the retro packaging for the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary line.

At the 11th Annual Action Figure Expo Mr. Hama will be signing and meeting with the attendees as day long.

For more information on the Expo click the link click for moreAnd to discuss the Expo click hereView_Discuss

GI Joe Reloaded Day 2 – Absolute Mayhem

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Sep 022014

Representing Mayhem Customs, here are the awesome creations of TR1ER aka Marauder Ruben and Lowlight27!

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[CUSTOMS] Ambush: Post Joe Dissolution (by ska_lives)

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Apr 112014

custom customs

From the the Syndicate’s very own ska_lives

“This is my take on Ambush. This version is a PMC who has become harder and more worldly after the dissolution of the Joe team. No longer one for gimmicks he is a get in and get done type.”

Head – Stalker v.3 w/ sculpting
Torso – Alley Viper v. 1
Arms – Duke v. 3 w/ added wrist articulation and sculpted armband
Waist – Hawk v. 2
Legs – Beachhead v. 1


View_Discuss[See more of ska_lives’ customs HERE.]

[CUSTOMS] Super Mario and Bullet Bill (by Tim 121RVC)

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Mar 272014

custom customs

From the desk of Tim 121RVC

“The classic video game here just needed a custom figure… I just had to make a kart too, because I believe Super Mario Kart is one of the best SNES games out there. That game got a LOT of play time in our house.

My ARAH Super Mario needed an enemy. Bullet Bill appeared in the majority of Mario games and can be seen in some different looks. I chose the classic look to make since that’s how I encountered him the most when playing Super Mario.”

Click above to see more of Super Mario!

Click above to see more of Bullet Bill!








[See more customs from Tim 121RVC HERE.]

[CUSTOMS] Sgt. Slaughter (by Vegabond)

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Mar 182014

custom customs

From Vegabond of the Chaos Crew, we get a really great custom of the iconic G.I. Joe, Sgt. Slaughter!

“Part of a project I am working on. This was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy him!

View_Discuss[See more of Vegabond’s customs HERE.]

TOY NEWS: Updates from 3DJoes

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Mar 102014

frontpage toy news


From our friends at 3DJoes.com

The Cobra Missile Command Headquarters has arrived!

“The 1982 Cobra Missile Command Headquarters is the only G.I. Joe playset ever made out of cardboard. It is also the only playset or vehicle to feature product photography rather than illustration on the front of the box. The MCHQ was only sold at Sears and is quite rare. Due to the materials it is extremely fragile, and finding one in decent condition can be quite a task. This set is one of the “holy grails” of 1980s Joe collecting.”

The 1987 Motorized Action Packs have arrived!


“There were eight Motorized Action Packs released in 1987, featuring windup motors and an on/off switches. I had several of these as a kid and I remember really enjoying them. From the Earth Borer’s spinning chrome tip, to the Helicopter’s rotating blades, to the Pom-Pom’s recoiling barrels, they added so much fun to play time. Check them all out today over on the 1987 Vehicle overview!”

3DJoes is headed to Atlanta!

“I’ll have a table in the dealer overflow room and I’ll come stocked with 3DJoes posters, carded ARAH figures and some modern exclusives. Come by, say hello, buy a poster and wish me happy birthday! (I’m turning 35 on Sunday the 16th)”

“My buddy Matt at Vintage3DJoes has been BUSY, adding over 40 new pages of adventure team goodness!”

Check em out: http://www.vintage3djoes.com/1970-76…ture-team.html

Seven new 1987 vehicles have arrived!


The G.I. Joe Persuader, Road Toad, and S.L.A.M., the Dreadnok Cycle, and the Cobra Buzz Boar, Jet Pack and Sea Ray have all arrived on the 1987 Vehicle Overview page. Also, the rest of the 1987 vehicle pages are up, with box art and blueprints for almost all of them. If you have something that we are missing, and you want to contribute to 3DJoes then please contact us via Facebook or Twitter!”

click for more[Click HERE to visit 3DJoes!]

CUSTOMS: 1982 Cobra Commander (by ian)

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Mar 062014

Customs (use this one)

Syndicate Customs’ very own ian completes his take on the GI Joe’s Class of 1982 with this excellent custom Cobra Commander!

“I wanted to go with the classic look and a little modern touch.”

View_Discuss[See more of ian’s customs, including the rest of his Class of 1982, HERE.]

Winner of the 1st Quarter Mt. Rushmore Customs Legends “The Tradition” Contest is 30th Alpine (by Marine 73)

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Feb 262014

Congrats to Mayhem Custom Member Marine-73 for an amazing 30th custom of Alpline, ARAH Accurate. Marine-73 has won the first spot on the Mountain with the Gen Hawk Award

TOY NEWS: 3DJoes Launches JoeFinder!

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Feb 132014


3DJoes has partnered up with Golden Beast, LLC to create an ARAH figure collecting app. JoeFinder features every figure from 1982-1994!

JoeFinder helps you organize your collection of G.I. Joe action figures. Use the grid view to quickly view several figures at once. You can filter the figures by year and whether you have them or want them.

Click on a figure to go to that figure’s page. Click “edit” to add personalized notes (like condition, quantity, missing accessories, etc.) and to note whether you have it, want it, or don’t care for it. You can also search across the figure names and your notes. Click on the figure photo to jump out and learn more about that figure on 3DJoes.com.

More info, and links to the Google Play store can be found here:
JoeFinder App – 3DJOES

CUSTOMS: 30th Spirit Iron-Knife (by Marine-73)

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Jan 192014

Customs (use this one)

After a ridiculously long hiatus, the legendary Mayhemer Marine-73 returns with what we hope will be the first of many new customs. True to the character’s ARAH roots (in typical Marine-73 style), this version of Spirit Iron-Knife is sure to impress. Make the jump below to sound off with your comments!

View_Discuss[See more of Marine-73’s customs HERE.]

International Spotlight – Identifying International Figures

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Jan 132014

Spotlight Splash (primary)

From the desk of Cobra Mortal:

“Ok Elite, this time on the “International Spotlight with Mortal” we are not going to talk about an exclusive figure or even a group of figures, I want to talk about Identifying and authenticating international figures.

Let me start off by saying the Ebay seller, The Black Major, offers some great affordable reproduction figures as well as other custom figures and Joe related items. I have bought from and traded with him on many occasions and plan to keep doing so, but a few of his figures have caused some confusion so I think this is a good starting point.The Majors Invasors and de Acos have been used by scammers to fool people unfamiliar or new to collecting foreign figures. So with that said here’s some ways to prevent getting ripped off.

#1 Research: Do your homework, know what you are looking for, check around for info, pricing, and images. You can talk to friends, look on collector sites/pages, and check out completed listings on Ebay. Ok let’s stop right there, I’m not saying to buy from Ebay just check prices, you will get a better from another collector and may even have trade options.

#2 Look for Distinguishing Features: A lot of international figures have no maker mark or date stamps so you will also have to look at Logos (location, placement and style), color, paint application, how the figure is constructed, and even the rivets. All of this will tell you where the figure is from and if it’s legit or not. Keep in mind that just because a figure has the Estrela makers mark doesn’t mean it’s from Brazil; it could be from Argentina or Mexico as well. International figures have variants and errors as well so look at the figure closely and check all the tells.

#3 Too Good to Be True: Yup that’s right if it’s too good to be true it probably is. If someone offers you a Cobra Moral for $80 it’s not the real deal, it’s most likely the US version from Joe Con or a custom and not the highly sought after Argentinian Plastirama Mortal.

Here are some examples of those distinguishing features with some notes, hope this helps you guys out in your conquests.”

Click View / Discuss for more examples:
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