March: Calling All Customs (Hit & Run)

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Mar 132015

Do you have a custom Hit & Run, painting, artwork,photo, sketch or any other piece of custom work related to this month’s selected character Hit & Run? If so please share with us. Or get to work and make something for the showcase. Here’s some submissions from a few faithful showcase customizers so far.

Indiana Joe




Voting Poll Open for 1st Quarter Mt Rushmore Custom Legends

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Feb 192015

This quarter’s theme was Service Dress. Please take a second to vote on the custom you think has the look and overall custom chops to be named the 1st Quarter winner.

POLL: February Calling All Customs Character

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Jan 282015

Who will it be. Please click on the link to vote on your favorite Joe or Cobra character for the month of Feb

Sgt Slaughter
Cover Girl

2015 Mt. Rushmore Custom Legends Contest Begins

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Jan 142015

We have 4 quarterly custom contests set for the year. Participate in 1 or all of them. New format and rules for this year so be ready for anything. Contest starts tomorrow Jan 15th and to kick things off the theme for this 1st Qtr which we call “The Tradition” will be just that, it’s a GI Joe/Cobra Military Service Dress or Service Academy look. So get those clean cut men and women dressed up and make those boots shine. This contest ends on Feb 15th.

[CUSTOMS] Doublenuts by Ozzie92

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Sep 252014

custom customs

From the workshop of ozzie92:

“When Icecreamman invited to me to join this project, I immediately began to brainstorm Joes whose MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) had not seen the light of day in Joe lore. As I had yet to customize a completely new character, I relished the challenge. I decided on a Navy Plane Captain, Ace’s #1 most trusted partner in arms, who would perform flight line checks/etc. on his Skystriker aboard the U.S.S. Flagg. I also wanted to give him a Japanese American heritage, as their amazing W.W. II heroics in defense of our country is sadly very much unknown by the masses. I HIGHLY recommend reading up on Senator Inouye, as well as the rest of the heroes from the 100th and 442nd RCT. The 442nd RCT patch, seen on my character’s left shoulder and back of the helmet, is the red/blue/white badge with the arm upholding a torch.

Here is the story behind his codename, “Doublenuts”:

The Navy squadron aircraft with “00” (Doublenuts) designation on its tail is the plane that has the Air Wing Commander’s name on the canopy rail, in place of a pilot’s name. Since Air Wing Commander is the aspiration of my character, I thought it would be funny if Ace jokingly called him that; hence the codename. Check out the file card!

I probably had the most fun trying to replicate the plane hooks (which I believe are used to tie down the aircraft to the flight deck during rough seas).”


[CUSTOMS] M Bison (by Dravenheart)

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Aug 212014

custom customs

From the workshop of Dravenheart:

“This one took some time, but was a ton of fun. I’ve been experimenting more and more with Street Fighter characters as of late, and each has challenged me in some new way. Whether it be working with an unfamiliar body type, or sculpting up new specific details. And like a true boss character, every time I thought I had him beat, he kept dragging me into additional rounds. Looking forward to making him again, but my progress with him has helped me extensively with some of the others.

The body was generally a straightforward repaint. I added the kneepads and sculpt to the front of the boots to give the armored look. I originally intended for the cape to be removable like in the game itself, but then I found my Beta Ray Bill cape, and decided to just add to the shoulder pads a bit. The difficult part was the head. I started with Skaar. He matched Bison’s expression perfectly. I tried out about five hat casts before I found a Red Skull one that had the right look. I then had to cut it to fit on his head, then resculpt the top and back of the hat itself. I cut ears off the First Appearance Hulk, attached them, then sculpted on some hair to finish him off. Full repaint, and finally done!”


[CUSTOMS] Chaos Contest Winner – Scrap-Iron (by Bucky)

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Aug 192014

custom customs

From the workshop of Bucky:

Scrap-Iron was made from a DG trooper, a Mouse vest, Scrap iron feet, and a Scrap Iron Head.
and a decent amount of red paint. He is the winner of the Chaos Customs contest! Here are the rest of the pictures.”


[VOTING] Chaos Crew Customs Contest – Win 50th Night Viper!

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Aug 112014

frontpage spotlight

From the desk of ozzie92:

“Hey BrOGers! This is our 2nd annual Chaos Crew Customs in-house custom contest. We have two different categories: straight LBC (kitbash) and modded/painted custom. If you vote in both threads, please post in each thread that you have, and you will be entered into a raffle to score a free 50th Night Viper, courtesy of CCC member Firefly9145!

We appreciate your votes, and know you’d vote, regardless of a “prize.” We just wanted to amp up the fun a notch! Meanwhile, our top customizer in each category will receive a Marauder kickstarter figure from me.

If you are seeking a custom affiliation, and are honing your skills–from LBC to mega modding–PM me your request.”

For LBC voting, click HERE.

For painted/modded voting, click HERE.

[CUSTOMS SPOTLIGHT] Oktober Guard (by ozzie92)

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Jun 232014

custom customs spotlight

From the desk of ozzie92:

“Alrighty…I just thought this would be a cool idea for a thread. I can account for 15 total Oktober Guard members between Larry Hama’s creations and Sunbow. I have all 15: some made in ME form from the Club, some o-ringers, and 3 of them custom made. I also did a custom Oktober Guard VAMP-like vehicle. “


[CUSTOMS] Nuclear Man (by Dravenheart)

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May 082014

custom customs

Dravenheart from the Chaos Crew showcases his talent and affinity for (semi-?) obscure characters with a great take on DC’s super villain, Nuclear Man.

“Noticing I have a trend lately with cast heads. lol This seemed like an absolutely insane choice of character, and I almost put the project aside about three or four times during the week I made him. But, when I was younger, I liked the thought of Nuclear Man. Mainly because it was the second time Superman fought another super powered being. Now we have more options. lol But, it crossed my mind and I didn’t see many other attempts at the character. One or two, but that was about it. So, I looked up some images and came across this one from the old tie-in comic. He was really simple overall, save for that emblem. That was a pain.”

View_Discuss[See more of Dravenheart’s customs HERE.]

[CUSTOMS] Red Shadow Trooper (by ozzie92)

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Apr 132014

custom customs

Chaos Crew’s own ozzie92 unleashes his latest custom, an awesomely dark Red Shadows Trooper

“I struggled with this one a lot; whether to stick with bright red like the original, or go with a grittier urban version. Since I really liked the cloak, you can see my final direction. Couldn’t resist the pic showing the figure’s ‘shadow’…”

View_Discuss[See more great customs from ozzie92 HERE.]

New Sponsor! Star Wars Geek Customs Supply Store for the Mt. Rushmore Customs Legends Contest

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Mar 202014

Big announcement, Star Wars Geek will be offering a $25 credit to his store (Star Wars Geek Custom Supply) for the quarterly winners of the Mt. Rushmore Custom Legends Contests. He offers top of the line products with 100% amazing customer service, I personally, along with many other forums users are extremely happy with the orders and products and very proud to have him sponsor this contest each quarter.  So get those entries in to receive some fabulous custom parts as well as the sweet badge Dark Perceptor created for the winners, 2x the fun!!!

From Star Wars Geek’s Custom Supply Store:

Hello, and welcome to the StarWarsGeek Custom Supply Shop webstore! What you will find here for sale are custom cast parts and supplies for creating your own custom action figures. All parts are cast at my home studio. I will NEVER sell any parts that I feel are unusable. All parts are cast in opaque colors and may ship to you in any of the following colors: black, flesh, brown, white, blue, red, yellow, gray. I can not take requests for specific colors at this time.

Please make sure to double check which category you are looking in for parts, as I have 1:12 (6″ and 7″ figures like Marvel Legends and DCUC) and 1:18 (4″ figures like GI Joe and Marvel Universe) sections and parts in each area.

Click here to enter Star Wars Geek’s Custom Supply Store

Click here to see the contest dates and rules

Click here for the current contest: Institutionalized, 2nd Qtr Mt. Rushmore Customs Legends.

CUSTOMS: Chuckles (by Indiana Joe)

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Jan 312014

Customs (use this one)

Chaos Crew’s Indiana Joe showcases his take on the Joe’s undercover operative, Chuckles! Be sure to hit the links below for more pics, and a great write-up by IJ!

“For this custom I wanted to follow the lead of the Club’s Night Force Chuckles. I found the same kind of vest, that NF Chuckles has, in my fodder box. I switched out his lower arms with Ret. Joe Colton’s lower arms. The black gloved hands and legs are from Dollar General wave 2 Shipwreck. I added a black holster (from a poc/ret. snake eyes) where the gun was on the thigh. I did not want to paint the legs. But, I could not find a good color match. so, I tried mixing the right color, Fail! the color I made was off but I told myself that it looks “faded” or it’s just a “light camo” pattern. I still need to do a dullcoat on it. I’ll do it later. The torso, upper arms, black wrist band, and accessories come from the AOCI 7pk Chuckles. the briefcase and “top secret” file are from a speed racer figure. the Lei (flower necklace) is from the Willie Scott Indiana Jones figure.”

click for more

[See more of Indiana Joe’s customs HERE.]

[CUSTOMS] Vietnam Return – Snake Eyes (ozzie92)

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Jan 272014

Customs (use this one)

From the workshop of ozzie92:

Snake Eyes, returning from Vietnam and finding out that his family was killed by a drunk driver on the way to the airport to pick him up. As seen in the Marvel run, but my colors were more in tune with Snake Eyes Declassified.”