11th Annual Action Figure Expo September 28th Meet Larry Hama

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Sep 202014

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Thanks to OG13 member Ooyah for the heads up! Larry Hama will be attending the Action Figure Expo next weekend in Toronto.

2014 Guest Information

larry-hamaLARRY HAMA
Larry Hama is best known to fans as writer of the Marvel Comics licensed series G.I. Joe, based on the Hasbro line of military action figures. Hama said in a 2006 interview that he was given the job by then editor-in-chief Jim Shooter after every other writer at Marvel had turned it down. Hama at the time had recently pitched a Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off series, Fury Force, about a special mission force. Hama used this concept as the back-story for G.I. Joe. He included military terms and strategies, Eastern philosophy, martial arts and historical references from his own background. The comic ran 155 issues (February 1982-October 1994).

Hama also wrote the majority of the G.I. Joe action figures’ file cards—short biographical sketches designed to be clipped from the G.I. Joe and Cobra cardboard packaging.[9] In 2007 these filecards were reprinted in the retro packaging for the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 25th Anniversary line.

At the 11th Annual Action Figure Expo Mr. Hama will be signing and meeting with the attendees as day long.

For more information on the Expo click the link click for moreAnd to discuss the Expo click hereView_Discuss

Street/Sewer Dio by Cobra Oner

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Aug 312014

custom customs

So I had this idea for a diorama that my Joes and Cobras could be photographed in/on, but the only skills I possess when it comes to building is Popsicle sticks. Luckily that is where CobraOner came in with his incredible talent and artistic ability and created a masterpiece. I came up with a sketch I had in mind of a shoebox size diorama where the street is the top of the box and the bottom part is a sewer.  CobraOner was able to take my idea and make it into what you see in front of you. I can’t wait to get this piece in my basement and start setting up some scenes for all of you. Thank you again to CobraOner for turning my simple sketch into a diorama for the ages! -Lowlight27

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Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Action Figures

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Jun 042014

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Boss Fight Studios are the designers behind many of the Modern G.I. Joe Figures and now they are branching off to create their own line of Highly Articulated Character Kit System. To get started they have created a Kickstarter campaign and need the support of the community to get these awesome figures out into the world. Their first series is based off Greek Mythology.

These seem to be more marketed toward the Custom Builder Community, but can certainly be enjoyed by any collector out there!

Our First Figures: Greek Warriors and Gorgons!

The theme for our first assortment of Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. action figures is Greek mythology. We were very excited by the huge scope of these particular mythos.  Our plan is to release an initial wave of four figures, plus several exclusives.

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Custom of the Month – July 2013 Nominees (Hosted by WB Collect)

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Jul 042013

It’s that time of the month to start nominating your favorite customs that you think deserve to be custom of the month!

Here is a quick break down of the rules,

The Rules:

  • ALL customs submitted to OG13 from the 1st of the month through the 30th qualify (this is NOT limited to Joes), even if they are in other competitions.
  • Any user can nominate a custom from that time period, but NOT your own Custom.
  • Nominations should include:

    • Customizer’s Name
    • Name of Custom
    • Link to the custom’s URL
  • The nomination cut-off date is the 30th.
  • Voting takes place from the 31th to the 2nd.
  • A winner is announced on the 3rd.
  • The winner receives a $25 Gift Certificate to WBCollect.com!
  • The winner gets a Lantern_Lad Trophy to display in their signature!

Custom of the Month – May Winner Is…

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Jun 052013


sgcaper’s Mystery Inc. Congratulations on this great victory and welcome to the elite team of winners on the OG13!

Click Here to congratulate sgcaper on this awesome win!

May 102013

The final two FSS on the G.I. Joe Club have been revealed on their webpage and we have them here as well.

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Big Bear

Keel Haul



May 072013


Just recently, we were introduced to Cobra 1st Legion, who joined our Facebook page and gave us an amazing array of Cosplayers in some pretty incredible costumes! We are fortunate to have them join up and provide the realization that we need a Cosplay section, as we have a lot of people here that participate in dressing up as some of our most beloved characters. Please help us in welcoming our newest team of members and check out some of their incredible work.

Click here for the Cobra 1st Legion OG13 page

Click here to visit Cobra 1st Legion’s Facebook and Base of Operations page

Click here to contribute to the new Cosplay section on OG13


May 062013

Do you guys and gals like free stuff? Want to earn some insane prizes? Have blue or red paint in your custom bins? Do you have any artistic skills like drawing or painting or even writing?
Then you need to check out the Mayhem Customs Group Contest on the OG13 and get in on this amazing contest! You only have 11 days left to enter (Submissions end on May 17th), so time to make this your immediate priority or you will miss out on one of the biggest and greatest prize packages that have ever been offered in any custom contest!
Click here if you are Crazy enough to enter this contest!


Mar 042013

As the 3rd Episode approaches; the guys over at G.I. Joe Initiate entice us with an awesome poster courtesy of M2 Design & Digital Art, that I would love to hang on my wall.

Click here to weigh in on your thoughts on these awesome Fan Films the guys at http://www.gijoeinitiate.com/ are putting out.

Also visit them on their Facebook page and show your support.

Jan 312013

OG13.Com Member Xave shows off his amazing customizing talent!

We are proud to show his custom Footloose,  Mutated Cobra Commander, Big Lob, Dial Tone, and Pythona.


Jan 062013


Dec 272012

From the desk of StarWarsGeek.

“This is an older project, I think around 2010 or 2009 maybe. It started out as a personal project, and then someone offered to purchase it, so it went out the door… created from a ChapMei snake and some SDS parts and random fodder stuffs. I wanted something a little Lovecraftian for ol’ Golob since the story of Cobra-La seemed just a tad Lovecraftian to me when I first read it.”



Dec 232012

 OG13 member and customizer StarWarsGeek shares with us his fantastic skills and how to videos.

Part 1: DIY Pressure Pot

Part 2: Prepping Your Parts and Building a Mold Box

Part 3: Pouring Your Mold Rubber

Part 4: Cutting Your Master Parts Out and Post-Curing Molds

Part 5: Casting Your Parts

 [StarWarsGeek Custom Casting Shop]


Dec 132012

“What character from Star Wars would make the GI Joe team if it wasn’t so long ago and in a galaxy far away. And conversely, what GI Joe character would you re-imagine in the Star Wars universe.”

There is still time to enter, click here to read the rules and submit your entry. You have until the 25th of December to enter!

Nov 262012

What every customizer and collector want in their stocking this year!!!!


We are a ruthless terrorist organization determined to re-sticker all your GI Joe vehicles!

All sets are very durable (no overcoat required), accurately pre-cut for easy peel-and-stick application (you won’t need scissors) and all white ink is properly printed (no black substitutions).

In addition, our equipment prints state of the art high-resolution images, unsurpassed by any other setup. Even our fine details come out looking sharp and clear.

Enjoy flat-rate $3.00 shipping to anywhere in the world, no matter how many items you order.