CUSTOMS: Chuckles (by Indiana Joe)

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Jan 312014

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Chaos Crew’s Indiana Joe showcases his take on the Joe’s undercover operative, Chuckles! Be sure to hit the links below for more pics, and a great write-up by IJ!

“For this custom I wanted to follow the lead of the Club’s Night Force Chuckles. I found the same kind of vest, that NF Chuckles has, in my fodder box. I switched out his lower arms with Ret. Joe Colton’s lower arms. The black gloved hands and legs are from Dollar General wave 2 Shipwreck. I added a black holster (from a poc/ret. snake eyes) where the gun was on the thigh. I did not want to paint the legs. But, I could not find a good color match. so, I tried mixing the right color, Fail! the color I made was off but I told myself that it looks “faded” or it’s just a “light camo” pattern. I still need to do a dullcoat on it. I’ll do it later. The torso, upper arms, black wrist band, and accessories come from the AOCI 7pk Chuckles. the briefcase and “top secret” file are from a speed racer figure. the Lei (flower necklace) is from the Willie Scott Indiana Jones figure.”

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