OG13 Random Christmas Giveaway

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Dec 142015

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‘Tis the season for a little random give-away. OG 13 style!!

To start we’re putting up for grabs a Factory Sealed Box of 1991 GI Joe Trading Cards from Impel.

All you have to do is click the link below (and of course be a member of OG13)

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Oh yeah!! And for every 100 posts in the contest thread we’re adding another prize to be given away randomly on Christmas Day to one of the lucky posters!!

December 2014 Custom of The Month Voting Poll

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Jan 012015

custom of the month

It’s the final Custom of the Month for the year and we are ready for you to get out those voting buttons. This month is going to be a really tough decision, but luckily it’s a multiple choice so vote for your favorite or vote for all. Just Vote and show your support for these on site artists one last time for the year. The winner of the contest will receive a custom card-back courtesy of our sponsor,

Yo Joe!

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Upcoming Mayhem Support Squad Teaser Poster…

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Jul 282014

charity charitiesAs most of you know, our Mayhem brother SBCobra, aka Sonny Hernandez has had some real life issues come up and needs some support from his friends. We at Mayhem Customs and our sponsors for this project, will be making a limited run of carded customs with 100% of the funds donated to Sonny to help try to get his life back together again. Details soon!

Stay Tuned to this link…

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SB Cobra’s Life Rebuild Project (GoFundMe)

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Jul 222014

frontpage spotlight

My fellow Mayhem Brother, Sonny Hernandez recently fell on some hard times and needs our help to get him back on his feet. He currently has started a GoFundMe event and is looking to raise money to help. Please if you have a few bucks in your Joe allowance, put it to a good cause.

Here is the link to the Gofundme page.

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April 2014 OG13 Custom of the Month Winner

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May 052014

custom of the month

Congratulations to Mayhem Custom Architect, NeuSpeaq and his incredible custom, Torch.

Click here to leave praise for his awesome work!

52 Weeks of Free Figures – Week 37 (Nov 22 – Dec 1) with VideoViper!

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Nov 222013

52 WeeksFrom the desk of VideoViper:

“This week we are going to find out exactly what kind of people we have on this site.

We will be giving away 1 of 2 figures, in order to win you must.

1. Be a member of OG13 in semi good standing before Nov 22.

2. In the vote section pick which team you will be on. (This will be which prize you want.)

3. Everyone must make at least 1 post, (Can be anything HINT: Its Thanksgiving week so post what you are Thankful for.)

4. Now the fun part: only 1 team will win, So convince me why your team/you should win the prize. (I have not decided how I’m picking the winner yet, so if your team has more votes, that just don’t matter.)

5. The winning team will have 1 lucky guy or girl who wins the prize (randomly drawn.) The other figure goes back in the pile to win another day.

6. You will have till Midnight Dec 1st to post, since I have no intention of checking the internet during the Thanksgiving break. (Yes, I’m a bad host & I’m OKay with that.) I will announce the winner on Monday when I get back.

Now the prizes:

Prize #1
Slave Leia Organa

Prize #2
Resolute Cobra Commander


52 Weeks of Free Figures: Week 33 ( Oct 24 to Oct 30)

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Oct 252013

52 WeeksHowdy Folks!

Subway here with this weeks give away.

This week myself and a mystery guest with be giving away six figures to six lucky members.

All you have to do to win is nominate a fellow OGer and you and them will each win a randomly selected figure from the above pic.

This is open to all members here at OG13.


CONTEST: Pick a Number Giveaway (hosted by LOW LIGHT)

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Sep 182013


One of our newest members, LOW LIGHT, is introducing himself in one of the best ways possible – with a super easy giveaway! All you have to do to qualify is pick a number!

Hi guys,I just joined your site and I love it so much I wanted to give back to all the members of OG13.I thought what better than a give away to say thank you and also to get to know my fellow members.

The Prize: MOC Build ‘N Brawl Sgt. Slaughter (stock photo)

Click HERE to get the details and to enter.

Custom of the Month – July Winner is…

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Aug 092013
Custom of the Month

Custom of the Month

Thanks again to our Sponsor, wbcollect.com

We are proud to present our July Custom of the Month winner,

From Mayhem Customs,

Stronox and his Shao Khan with Area Throne Play-set

Click here to leave your Congratulatory Comments!

Custom of the Month – July 2013 Nominees (Hosted by WB Collect)

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Jul 042013

It’s that time of the month to start nominating your favorite customs that you think deserve to be custom of the month!

Here is a quick break down of the rules,

The Rules:

  • ALL customs submitted to OG13 from the 1st of the month through the 30th qualify (this is NOT limited to Joes), even if they are in other competitions.
  • Any user can nominate a custom from that time period, but NOT your own Custom.
  • Nominations should include:

    • Customizer’s Name
    • Name of Custom
    • Link to the custom’s URL
  • The nomination cut-off date is the 30th.
  • Voting takes place from the 31th to the 2nd.
  • A winner is announced on the 3rd.
  • The winner receives a $25 Gift Certificate to WBCollect.com!
  • The winner gets a Lantern_Lad Trophy to display in their signature!

Custom of the Month – May Winner Is…

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Jun 052013


sgcaper’s Mystery Inc. Congratulations on this great victory and welcome to the elite team of winners on the OG13!

Click Here to congratulate sgcaper on this awesome win!

Custom of the Month – May 2013 Voting has begun!

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May 312013

Thanks to our Contest Sponsor WB Collect, the polling/voting has begun for May’s Custom of the Month contest. The winner of the contest will win a $25 Virtual Gift Certificate to spend at WBcollect.com , along with a trophy to display in their signatures on the OG13.

There is some fierce competition this month and its going to be hard to pick, that’s why we have Multiple choice voting, but in the end only One can be…

Custom of The Month!

May 082013

The FSS on the G.I. Joe Club has revealed its latest two figures on their webpage and we have them here as well.

Click here to Subscribe to the FSS

Click here to share how you feel about the latest reveals






May 062013

Do you guys and gals like free stuff? Want to earn some insane prizes? Have blue or red paint in your custom bins? Do you have any artistic skills like drawing or painting or even writing?
Then you need to check out the Mayhem Customs Group Contest on the OG13 and get in on this amazing contest! You only have 11 days left to enter (Submissions end on May 17th), so time to make this your immediate priority or you will miss out on one of the biggest and greatest prize packages that have ever been offered in any custom contest!
Click here if you are Crazy enough to enter this contest!


May 032013

Congratulations to Mayhem Custom member CrimsonGord for his Cobra Frost Viper!!!

To the winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate to,


Click Here to share your congratulations to the April 2013 winner!

Apr 032013

A whole new month of custom creations is underway. Time to start checking out your fellow OGers‘ customs and start nominating them for Custom of the Month! Thanks again to our sponsor, WBcollect.com for providing the prizes for the winner!

Custom of the Month Nominations

Apr 032013

Indiana Joe with his jaw-dropping, amazing modern take on a beloved classic bad guy from the Cobra Verse, Raptor. Join us in celebration and congratulations to March’s winner. A big thank you to our sposor WBCollect.com for providing the prizes for our monthly winners.

 Click here to leave comments and congrats.


Mar 192013

If you haven’t checked out the Custom of the Month contest on the OG13, then you are doing yourself a disservice and need to get over there after you read this announcement and start nominating your favorite customs that have been made this month. Anyway, I digress and want to let everyone know that we now have a sponsor who is going to help with the prizes for the winner of the contest!!!!

WB Collects are, “A collectibles business dealing with all types of Action Figures & Comic Books. Our specialty is Zenescope Comics & GI JOE Action Figures But we uncover all types of treasures in our hunts!”

So please join us in welcoming our sponsor and check out their pages and even place an order while you’re there!



The Custom of the Month Link…

Mar 072013

52 Weeks of Free Figures : 1 Year Anniversary : Mother of All Give-Aways (March 7, 2013 to March 13, 2013)

A year ago this week, as you may or may not know about a dozen Mercenaries had been disavowed and were men without a country (or in this case, a website).

On March 8, 2012 – in response to this, www.OG13.com went live, and a Banned of Brothers was born.

Since March 8, 2012, OG13 has grown into a formidable community for collectors of not only G.I. Joe, but fans and collectors of all toys lines. And the best part, you don’t have to be either to be part of our community.

We never set out to make anything more than a place for our friends to come and do what they want, and say what they want. And with those two things being our underlying theme we’ve turned into one of the best, and most generous communities out there.

Everyday the generosity of our members is illustrated with bell like clarity, and the bonds of the community are reinforced. You cannot open a thread without seeing how our members take care of one another in times of need, and sometimes even just for the hell of it.

Who would have thought that in this den of deviants, scoundrels and scumbags that one would find such honor.

Thank you OG13

To say thank you to our members we’ve been doing the 52 Weeks of Figures Giveaway, and I believe the plan is to continue it for as long as we are able.

Since this is our one year anniversary – you will see MULTIPLE GIVE-AWAYS – just our way of saying thanks to our members.


[Byrnes “It’s a Mad Mad World” Giveaway]

[Darkwise’s Darker Contest]

[Flint’s “I just Killed a Hooker and Found this Stuff in her Basement” Contest]

[England Joe’s Last Chance Saloon]

[Provost’s United Comrades in Plastic Crack Competition]

[Lowlight27’s Lazy Giveaway]

All prizes will be announced here on the Front Page and in the individual Threads on March 13, 2013.