[CUSTOMS] Sky Falcon VTOL, by Miles Mayhem

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Feb 262016

custom customs

From the workbench of Miles Mayhem

Here comes the big surprise project of 2016!!!! Very proud to reveal my Sky Falcon VTOL. Based off of a Cobra Hurricane, I hacked off the weird spoiler & replaced the boosters with shaved Swampmasher wheels. I feel these two small tweaks set it apart instantly. This one also sports a custom chrome finish done by Concepts In Chrome, and paint done by myself. Stickers are from Toyhax & are from various kits. I always liked the Hurricane, but felt the colors were odd and it needed to be Sky Patrolled!!

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[CUSTOMS] Tele-Viper (50th), by Viper6

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Nov 042015

custom customs

One of my favorite figures from what was my golden years of GI JOE, and as it happens the first custom I ever attempted and while my early work won me some kudos more importantly it gave me the encouragement that propelled me on my current path, so I wanted to do an update to that figure worthy of the else and other filling my shelves. Hope you folks enjoy my take on a classic, I give you my modern Tele-Viper.

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[CUSTOMS] The Punisher, by Viper6

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Sep 092015

custom customs

From the desk of Mayhem Customs’ Viper6:

“Frank has always been a favorite, anyone who knows me knows I LOVE The Punisher, and that WAR ZONE was probably my favorite comic series being that I like him grim and gritty… anyway, when I heard a 1/6th scale figure was inbound … I set myself to task with my first ever 1/6th scale custom, hope you enjoy this one even half as much as I do, I had a blast pulling him together (would you believe that head was storm shadow unmasked?)”

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[CUSTOMS SPOTLIGHT] G.I. Joe All Stars, Day 1 with Dav Anthony

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Sep 012015

custom customs spotlight


G.I. Joe All-Stars is finally here!

Maybe you’ve heard the whispers. The rumblings. The social media chatter… Perhaps you’ve seen the “coming soon” posts. The blacked-out image teasers. The list of impressive participants… Well, it’s time! 3rd in the trilogy of projects that have birthed G.I. Joe Reloaded and Cobra Recoiled, G.I. Joe All-Stars is ready to showcase a treasure-trove of customs from a diversely-talented group of customizers!

Chaos Crew Customs

Now let’s get ready to rumble as we start off Day 1 with the amazing rendition of Battle Force 2000 from one of the best in the industry, give it up for Dav Anthony / True Gritt Customs of Mayhem Customs!

Day 1 – Battle Force 2000 by Dav Anthony!

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Gi Joe Custom Character Showcase: Mercer

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Jan 232015

It’s the return of the “Calling All Customs “A Gi Joe character showcase. If your a customizer, artist, writer doesn’t matter to us. We’d love to showcase Mercer for the month of January.

[CUSTOMS] Rock ‘N Roll – by NEUSPEAQ

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Jan 062015

custom customs

From the desk of NEUSPEAQ

“Be merciful… My very first attempt at camo.

How I envisioned RnR in Viper6’s fanfic, THE CRIMSON CLOTH; (A GREAT read btw, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of reading/enjoying it yet…”


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2014 Mt. Rushmore Custom Legends Contest Review

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Jan 022015

Thanks to all the members from customizers to users who provide entries to comments to promoting and voting this event for a great year in the custom contest. Special thanks to StarWarsGeek custom supply shop for sponsoring the event. Please give our 4 quarterly winners a big round of applause.

December 2014 Custom of The Month Voting Poll

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Jan 012015

custom of the month

It’s the final Custom of the Month for the year and we are ready for you to get out those voting buttons. This month is going to be a really tough decision, but luckily it’s a multiple choice so vote for your favorite or vote for all. Just Vote and show your support for these on site artists one last time for the year. The winner of the contest will receive a custom card-back courtesy of our sponsor,

Yo Joe!

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[CUSTOMS] 50th Shipwreck – by Marine-73

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Dec 162014

custom customs

From the desk of Mayhem Customs’ Marine-73:

“I wanted to keep loyal to the ARAH original colors but bring his uniform up to date and away from the 80’s. I love the way it turned out.”



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GI Joe Reloaded Day 2 – Absolute Mayhem

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Sep 022014

Representing Mayhem Customs, here are the awesome creations of TR1ER aka Marauder Ruben and Lowlight27!

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GI Joe Reloaded Day 1 – with MSWI

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Sep 012014

Good day and welcome everyone!
We are proud and honored to share with you our concept creations, our fan boy visions of “new character additions” (and vehicles too) to the G.I. Joe universe. With this project, we focused on the good guys, the new recruits of G.I. Joe Reloaded Program.
In doing this project, there were many sleepless nights. We even worked on our customs in between real life work, and some of us wrote the bios while in the bathroom just to meet the deadline! We gave plenty of time and effort to this project. We had fun and it was all worth it. The friendship that has been forged among our fellow artists is priceless. Now we hope you enjoy as we finally give you…

Let’s start off DAY 1 with a BANG. Here is one of the industry’s top customizer, MSWI! With his creations, Lockdown and War Eagle!

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Street/Sewer Dio by Cobra Oner

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Aug 312014

custom customs

So I had this idea for a diorama that my Joes and Cobras could be photographed in/on, but the only skills I possess when it comes to building is Popsicle sticks. Luckily that is where CobraOner came in with his incredible talent and artistic ability and created a masterpiece. I came up with a sketch I had in mind of a shoebox size diorama where the street is the top of the box and the bottom part is a sewer.  CobraOner was able to take my idea and make it into what you see in front of you. I can’t wait to get this piece in my basement and start setting up some scenes for all of you. Thank you again to CobraOner for turning my simple sketch into a diorama for the ages! -Lowlight27

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Vortious Custom Accessories Opens Shop on OG13!

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Aug 192014

frontpage spotlight

That’s right, one of the most talented casters out there has invited the members of OG13 to visit his store,  http://vortiouscustomaccessories.ecrater.com/

One thing that sets Vortious apart from the other casters is that, ” I’ve mastered the hidden peg technique, so with the exception of a couple of items (usually too large to be done effectively, or efficiently) the hinge jointed parts you order from my store don’t need to have pegs pushed into a hole, and come assembled (the hinge joint only). Also I’m the guy who bought the parts that Stocos had, so any of the items that disappeared when Stocos shut down you’ll find in my store. ”

So join us in welcoming Vortious to our family and place an order today!

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Custom Female Night Viper General “Night-Shade” by Porcupunker of Mayhem Customs

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Jul 312014

custom customs

No this isn’t an upcoming figure, it is an amazing custom by Mayhem Custom architect Porcupunker.

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Cobra Oner’s Sweatbox (Collection pics)

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Jul 312014

frontpage spotlight

Fellow Mayhem Custom member and world famous tattoo artist, Cobra Oner shared with us today his incredible collection of Cobras and Joes…

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Upcoming Mayhem Support Squad Teaser Poster…

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Jul 282014

charity charitiesAs most of you know, our Mayhem brother SBCobra, aka Sonny Hernandez has had some real life issues come up and needs some support from his friends. We at Mayhem Customs and our sponsors for this project, will be making a limited run of carded customs with 100% of the funds donated to Sonny to help try to get his life back together again. Details soon!

Stay Tuned to this link…

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SB Cobra’s Life Rebuild Project (GoFundMe)

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Jul 222014

frontpage spotlight

My fellow Mayhem Brother, Sonny Hernandez recently fell on some hard times and needs our help to get him back on his feet. He currently has started a GoFundMe event and is looking to raise money to help. Please if you have a few bucks in your Joe allowance, put it to a good cause.

Here is the link to the Gofundme page.

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