[CUSTOMS] Rap-Viper & Buzz Boar II, by ozzie92 and Phantro Customs

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Apr 152016

custom customs

Chaos Crew Customs’ own ozzie92 recently collaborated with the masterful Phantro Customs on a truely awe-inspiring project, the Cobra Buss Boar II with Rap-Viper. As you can see for yourself, it is ultra-impressive! Be sure to check the link below for more, much more!

“Guess who’s gettin’ busy in the back?

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OG-One-Three Filecards: An Interview With… CodeNameSparks

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Dec 122015

frontpage spotlight

Time to dust off what IS one of the coolest features of OG13.com…a personal salute to our Brothers-in-Arms!

Welcome once again to another installment of the OG-One-Three Filecards Thread. Today we get to trade barbs with codename: Sparks, also known as CNF (hard to shake the undying adulation he has towards one of our founders, but hey–a fresh supply of dead hookers whenever your heart desires? Who can resist?)!

In 2012, at the behest of OG13’s recruiter-extraordinaire Spiderpumpkin, our PIF group from that other forum–including codename: Sparks–defected to OG13, and instantly found a home here. codename: Sparks, along with his pretty chill wife, was the first BrOGer I had ever met in person, back in 2013, @ Indiana Joecon. He was a huge part of my first Joecon experience, as friendships forged via OG13 have me eagerly anticipating each year’s Joecon. To hell with high school reunions!

I am proud to shine the spotlight on my good buddy, Adam! Enjoy the insight into this integral member of the greatest forum on the planet…

Let’s get cookin’ with gas. Adam, what all do you collect?

Click View/Discuss for the entire interview…


[CUSTOMS] Vietnam LRRP Squad, by ozzie92

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Sep 192015

custom customs

From the desk of the Ozzman himself…

Finally done! I’ve wanted to do this for years, and have had these WIPs for over a year, looking for the fodder I needed. This LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) squad is based on Hama’s Marvel universe and back story, but most closely aligned with the modern penciled take of SE Declassified.

Hit the link below for tons more pics, and be sure to sound off with your comments!

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Ozzie92 Wins the Biggest Joe-Customizing Contest of the Year!!

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Apr 132015

custom customs

If you are living under the one rock that hasn’t heard the great news, Ozzie92 took home the grand prize in the 2015 GIJoeCon customizing event! Competition was incredibly fierce this year, so it is an honour to congratulate Rob on bringing home the trophy. Teacher-of-the-Year honours, Custom of the Year at JoeCon, what is next?

You, sir, are seriously the man!


[CUSTOMS EVENT] Cobra Recoiled Day 1 – with Ozzie92

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Dec 012014

custom customs

From the desk of icecreamman:

“Cobra is back and more ruthless than ever! Today Cobra unleashes their most destructive troopers of all! Welcome to Cobra Recoiled!”

To start day 1, here’s Ozzie92 of Chaos Custom Crew to bring you his awesome creation, Cobra Suicide Viper!


PIF Giveaway from Ozzie92!!

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Nov 092014

contest contests

From the desk of Ozzie92:

SP gave me a pretty nice PIF. Well, two can play that game…

Here’s what I have coming up:

1.) 25th Chuckles as you see him…

2.) A desert Marauder Kickstarter figure, as he comes (which SHOULD be what you see in the pic)…

3.) The last one will be 2003 Spy Troops Gung-Ho and Zarana as you see them.

Okay, here’s my PIF:

As soon as we cross the 41,000 post threshold, the first person to post the TEXT from Luke 10:25-37 will score their choice of the above prizes; 1, 2 or 3.

After Luke has been posted, the next person who posts the TEXT from Matthew 25:31-40 can lay claim to one of the two remaining prizes.

As always, we appreciate when the winners continue in the Pay it Forward spirit and put up their own PIF.

Get to da choppa!!!

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[CUSTOMS] Modern Lady Jaye by ozzie92

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Nov 062014

custom customs

From the workshop of ozzie92:

“When I saw the Wasp head used on another customizer’s Lady Jaye, I was immediately smitten! The struggle was head size (a problem I unfortunately share, ha). It had to be the right body, or we are talking Beetlejuice here. The RET Lady Jaye body was perfect, especially after finding the right head gear. I nearly went with a Gung-Ho Spy Troops hat from 2003 which would have worked fine…but found this one to fit perfectly (scored it from a recent Chaos Crew Customs fodder box exchange). “


[CUSTOMS] Doublenuts by Ozzie92

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Sep 252014

custom customs

From the workshop of ozzie92:

“When Icecreamman invited to me to join this project, I immediately began to brainstorm Joes whose MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) had not seen the light of day in Joe lore. As I had yet to customize a completely new character, I relished the challenge. I decided on a Navy Plane Captain, Ace’s #1 most trusted partner in arms, who would perform flight line checks/etc. on his Skystriker aboard the U.S.S. Flagg. I also wanted to give him a Japanese American heritage, as their amazing W.W. II heroics in defense of our country is sadly very much unknown by the masses. I HIGHLY recommend reading up on Senator Inouye, as well as the rest of the heroes from the 100th and 442nd RCT. The 442nd RCT patch, seen on my character’s left shoulder and back of the helmet, is the red/blue/white badge with the arm upholding a torch.

Here is the story behind his codename, “Doublenuts”:

The Navy squadron aircraft with “00” (Doublenuts) designation on its tail is the plane that has the Air Wing Commander’s name on the canopy rail, in place of a pilot’s name. Since Air Wing Commander is the aspiration of my character, I thought it would be funny if Ace jokingly called him that; hence the codename. Check out the file card!

I probably had the most fun trying to replicate the plane hooks (which I believe are used to tie down the aircraft to the flight deck during rough seas).”


[VOTING] Chaos Crew Customs Contest – Win 50th Night Viper!

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Aug 112014

frontpage spotlight

From the desk of ozzie92:

“Hey BrOGers! This is our 2nd annual Chaos Crew Customs in-house custom contest. We have two different categories: straight LBC (kitbash) and modded/painted custom. If you vote in both threads, please post in each thread that you have, and you will be entered into a raffle to score a free 50th Night Viper, courtesy of CCC member Firefly9145!

We appreciate your votes, and know you’d vote, regardless of a “prize.” We just wanted to amp up the fun a notch! Meanwhile, our top customizer in each category will receive a Marauder kickstarter figure from me.

If you are seeking a custom affiliation, and are honing your skills–from LBC to mega modding–PM me your request.”

For LBC voting, click HERE.

For painted/modded voting, click HERE.

[CUSTOMS SPOTLIGHT] Oktober Guard (by ozzie92)

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Jun 232014

custom customs spotlight

From the desk of ozzie92:

“Alrighty…I just thought this would be a cool idea for a thread. I can account for 15 total Oktober Guard members between Larry Hama’s creations and Sunbow. I have all 15: some made in ME form from the Club, some o-ringers, and 3 of them custom made. I also did a custom Oktober Guard VAMP-like vehicle. “


[CUSTOMS] Red Shadow Trooper (by ozzie92)

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Apr 132014

custom customs

Chaos Crew’s own ozzie92 unleashes his latest custom, an awesomely dark Red Shadows Trooper

“I struggled with this one a lot; whether to stick with bright red like the original, or go with a grittier urban version. Since I really liked the cloak, you can see my final direction. Couldn’t resist the pic showing the figure’s ‘shadow’…”

View_Discuss[See more great customs from ozzie92 HERE.]

Ozzie92 Is Recognized as Teacher of the Year!

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Feb 072014

Spotlight Splash (primary)

As everyone knows, teachers are among this country’s more under appreciated commodities. And here at OG13, we have a lot of teachers. It gives me great pride to spotlight ozzie92 and announce his recognition as the 2013-2014 Teacher of the Year. This is one award that truly matters! Please share your praise, as he is shaping so many little lives and doing it the right way!



[CUSTOMS] Vietnam Return – Snake Eyes (ozzie92)

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Jan 272014

Customs (use this one)

From the workshop of ozzie92:

Snake Eyes, returning from Vietnam and finding out that his family was killed by a drunk driver on the way to the airport to pick him up. As seen in the Marvel run, but my colors were more in tune with Snake Eyes Declassified.”


CUSTOMS: Ultimate Scarlett (by ozzie92)

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Jan 022014

Customs (use this one)

Chaos Crew’s ozzie92 showcases his latest custom, Ultimate Scarlett. Make the jump at the end to see more!

“Okay…not much credit goes to me, but for painting and adding throwing stars to her gloves, adding an arrow to her crossbow from my red o-ring SS, and for simple kitbash assembly.

The rest of the credit goes to Stocos28 for accepting my commission to paint the #0028 AngelForge head! I am blown away, and am no longer looking forward to a one-day-some-day Scarlett update. I gots mines!!!”

View_Discuss[See more of ozzie92’s customs HERE.]

CUSTOMS: Ghost Bear: The Revenge of Kwinn (by ozzie92)

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Dec 102013

Customs (use this one)

From the workdesk of ozzie92:

Ghost Bear is Kwinn’s son. Believing his father to have been slayed as a result of G.I. Joe interference–not knowing that his father had left Cobra behind and had sought peace–Ghost Bear runs with Cobra, hoping to exact his revenge and satisfy his blood lust.

…and now for the World Premier of my custom Ghost Bear…”


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Firefly9145 Gets Hitched!!

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Oct 122013

Spotlight Splash (primary)


Our OGer, brother, and PIFer extraordinaire, Firefly9145, tied that knot on 10/10, and thought that he could quietly slip by without our notice. Thanks to Ozzie92 for ensuring that didn’t happen!

Have an amazing honeymoon, wonderful life, and incredible partnership, Mikey!

Since he did not provide us with pictures of the lovely event, we just had to assume what it looked like (kidding, we’ve all seen the pool pics by now, ha)!


CUSTOMS: Oktober Guardsman Wong (by ozzie92)

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Oct 082013

Customs (use this one)

Chaos Customs Crew’s own ozzie92 showcases his latest work, a cartoon-inspired Wong from the Oktober Guard. From the desk of ozzie92:

“Finally! Been wanting to do this figure for quite a while, but especially when I saw the Kwinn head from w3.5. Now, it is reality, and has joined the rest of my Oktober Guardsmen (still awaiting Big Bear and Dragonsky from FSS 2.0).”

Head: Kwinn
Arms/torso: DG CC (altered; added buttons, shaved off old buttons/piping. Added pockets.)
Upper legs: RET red ninja
Lower legs: ROC Destro
Hands: Indiana Jones…?
gold coil/tassle: RET CC
skirt: ROC Joe trooper MP…?
Belt: Bottom of NF Charbroil belt
Holster: Indiana Jones…?
Hat: ARAH Wild Bill v2
AK-47: DG Cobra Trooper

View_Discuss[See the rest of ozzie92’s customs HERE.]