O-rings never die!!! Well the figures anyway…

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Mar 312016

custom customs spotlight

It seems that often times as a customizer, that my roots are often times forgotten in lieu of a fancy new gimmick or some such. However, for a few of our OGer brothers this is not the case! For a select few, the torch that started the customizing fire still burns brightly! For these individuals O-ring customs are not dead, they are alive and well…and totally exclusive!

With that I would like to request that you take a look a the work being done by the likes of Rambo and Jogunwarrior, and look at what the past still brings to the future!


Click the image to view Rambo’s post and here for his custom gallery!


Click the image to view Jogun’s post and here for his custom gallery!


[CUSTOMS] Oz Revisited, by Gijoe071681

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Dec 192015

custom customs

GiJoe071681 (a.k.a. “Numbers”, as he’s known in the Syndicate) continues his Christmas tradition with a deliciously evil take on the characters of Oz…

I wanted to try to go a little darker with my wife’s Christmas present this year. With that here is Oz Revisited.


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[CUSTOMS] Roadblock – by Skydive

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Feb 042015

custom customs

All the way from Italy, Syndicate Customs’ newest member Skydive, shows off his latest creation, Roadblock!


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[CUSTOMS] Steel Brigade – by icecreamman

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Jan 272015

custom customs

From the desk of Syndicate Customs’ very own icecreamman

“I still don’t have a Steel Brigade to include in my display collection and I hope I could finally buy one this year. This Steel Brigade custom will do for now!”



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[CUSTOMS] New ARAH Customs from Rambo

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Dec 132014

custom customs

After a six month hiatus, Syndicate customizer Rambo makes a huge return with five (count ’em) new customs! Gung Ho, Sgt. Slaughter, Stalker and two new characters: Silver Fix, the Cobra Mechanic and Hector, a Colombian Police Officer.



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[CUSTOMS EVENT] Cobra Recoiled Day 5 – with icecreamman

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Dec 052014

custom customs

Cobra is back and more ruthless than ever! Today Cobra unleashes their most destructive troopers of all!

Welcome to Cobra Recoiled!RecoiledLogo

Day 5 of RECOILED features a pair of customs by your host, the legendary icecreamman!

Cobra R.A.T.S.


Cobra Owls



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My favorite customs of the day…

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May 172014

custom customs spotlight

This is a very biased opinion, but I feel these customs are the embodiment of great customs that I’ve seen today!


Now I know that this was from yesterday, but I think it’s awesome the way he brought out the design and color of the original figure and gave it a really cool modern look…


Next is Desert Grunt by Porcupunker

I love the combination of parts, especially the pouches on the vest. The head is a great choice and the paint wash gives it a realistic look.


Third is Vega Customs V4 Sgt. Slaughter. I like the blend of color washes and the Sarge looks Jacked and ready to tear some heads off those snakes!


Batman and Hellboy… by Icecreamman

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May 162014

custom customs


From the brilliant mind of IceCreamMan comes this awesome team up of superhero customs! He really has come into his element and we cant wait to see whats next!

Check out even more photos!


[CUSTOMS] Ambush: Post Joe Dissolution (by ska_lives)

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Apr 112014

custom customs

From the the Syndicate’s very own ska_lives

“This is my take on Ambush. This version is a PMC who has become harder and more worldly after the dissolution of the Joe team. No longer one for gimmicks he is a get in and get done type.”

Head – Stalker v.3 w/ sculpting
Torso – Alley Viper v. 1
Arms – Duke v. 3 w/ added wrist articulation and sculpted armband
Waist – Hawk v. 2
Legs – Beachhead v. 1


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[CUSTOMS] Super Mario and Bullet Bill (by Tim 121RVC)

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Mar 272014

custom customs

From the desk of Tim 121RVC

“The classic video game here just needed a custom figure… I just had to make a kart too, because I believe Super Mario Kart is one of the best SNES games out there. That game got a LOT of play time in our house.

My ARAH Super Mario needed an enemy. Bullet Bill appeared in the majority of Mario games and can be seen in some different looks. I chose the classic look to make since that’s how I encountered him the most when playing Super Mario.”

Click above to see more of Super Mario!

Click above to see more of Bullet Bill!








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Mar 252014

contest contests

The Syndicate Customs’ own ska_lives and TheVP are your co-hosts for the latest customs contest here at the O-G-1-3… April Annihilation is a themed contest, that will see entries battle it out in a single elimination “battle”, with the sole winner taking it all!

Reminder: You have ONE week left to get your entries into this competition. Entries must be received BEFORE 03/31, so have them in by Sunday night at the latest!

From the desk of ska_lives:

“An as of yet unnamed omnipotent entity has put together the greatest battle in the solar system. After scouring the nearby planets of this solar system, it has found only one inhabited planet, Earth. Slightly disappointed by the singular life sustaining planet, it continues with its plans, and transports 16 of the greatest and most dangerous individuals on Earth. The individuals come from a variety of backgrounds from military to criminal, each bringing to the table their own skill set and situational versatility. The battle takes place on a neutral planetoid far outside the solar system of the Earth, and the combatants know not what is in store. They are only told that the winner shall be showered with untold riches and accolades, and if they so wish it be transported back to their planet.”

“Who will win? What will they do with this victory? Could the Entity have some other plan up its sleeve…”

 click for more

[SPOTLIGHT] Dealer Destro’s Hobbit Hole

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Mar 212014

frontpage spotlight

Dealer Destro throws down another sick diorama, showcasing his ever-improving skills… This time, he’s taking us all the way to Middle-Earth with his eye catching Hobbit Hole. (what?)

“This isn’t JOE related but wanted to share nonetheless. As usual, hope you can dig it.”

Make the jump below to see more, and to sound off with your comments.

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March – Featured Syndicate Customizer (Part 1), Rambo

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Mar 192014

frontpage spotlight

From the cold, very cold desk of Dark Perceptor:

“To make up for lost time, this month we’re doing a double shot of Featured Customizers… and they both just happen to be o-ring masters in their own right!

First up is a quiet brother from South America, who usually prefers to let his customs speak for him. Let’s hear it for Rambo!

First name:
Read inside…

Age: Read inside…

Where you live: Read inside…

1) What made you want to start customizing?

Basically to not find your favorite characters in toy form, i.e. Ninja Gayden. And of course as a kid, I’d have killed for all the characters in O-ring form. Then, when I was an adult, I think it was www.evilface.com. This guy had all those cool customs of Joes, Cobras and Non-Joe characters in his page that made me hungry for Action heroes and villians in O-ring form.
But if I am a customizer it is LIVEVIL’s fault. When I discovered his customs, I knew I would like a lot of customs made by him, but as I found later, making a custom, ONE SINGLE CUSTOM takes its time. Livevil accepted to make for me Rambo and Colonel Trautman at the time, so I decided to try myself at customizing. First LBCs, then some little enamel painting, then Tamiya acrylics paints, epoxic, the internet, some good friends and I am here wondering if I would be able to accomplish something like Sean Wang is doing these days.”


Click the link below to read, and see, more of this in-depth look at Syndicate’s Rambo!


CUSTOMS: 1982 Cobra Commander (by ian)

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Mar 062014

Customs (use this one)

Syndicate Customs’ very own ian completes his take on the GI Joe’s Class of 1982 with this excellent custom Cobra Commander!

“I wanted to go with the classic look and a little modern touch.”

View_Discuss[See more of ian’s customs, including the rest of his Class of 1982, HERE.]

[Customs] 30th “Definitive” Cutter by Dark Perceptor

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Jan 272014

Our very own staff member and all around awesome OGer, Dark Perceptor has nailed it out of the park above the Green Monstah, with his latest custom Cutter! A beautifully made blend of classic Cutter and his DEF style that brings forth the artistry of DP’s increasing skills as a master custom builder.


CUSTOMS: Rock ‘N Roll (by ian)

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Jan 202014

Customs (use this one)

Next up from the Syndicated workbench of ian, we get a great custom of Rock ‘N Roll (one of my favorite G.I. Joes). Hit the link below for more, and be sure to let ian know what you think!

“When I start a new custom, I like to have a “project”. I did the SW/Joe cross overs, BF2000, lately i did the Village People force. Being on the OG13 forum it was natural to revisit the original 13 team members. I don’t know how much time it will take to finish but lets start with Rock ‘N Roll.

I went with the v1 look n feel but with touch of an old beach bum 😛

What do you think?”

View_Discuss[See more of ian’s customs HERE.]

CUSTOMS: Jack the Ripper (by icecreamman)

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Jan 172014

Customs (use this one)

From the frozen workbench of The Syndicate’s icecreamman:

“Back in college, I had a lot of time reading. One of those books I can’t forget was Reader’s Digest’s “Great Mysteries of the Past”. It’s about the truth and fallacy about Zombies, Vlad the Impaler, Jack the Ripper, Edgar Allan Poe and many others. My favorite topic was Jack the Ripper. Recently Many Mack created an awesome Vlad the Impaler custom. I was inspired to revisit those persons/characters from history, especially Jack the Ripper, and made a figure of him. Here’s my (quick) take on Jack. Hope you like it!”


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CUSTOMS: VP Force (by ian)

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Jan 052014

Customs (use this one)

The Syndicate’s ian showcases his creativity and sense of humor as he takes an off-hand comment from another member and runs with it. Follow the links below to see more!

“It all started when I did a cowboy and a native american. My Syndicate buddy TheVP asks, “are doing the Village People?”… I took that as a challenge.

Here’s the result, The VP Force.”


View_Discuss[See more of ian’s customs HERE.]