Jul 252016

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“Greetings from the whale’s vagina!” That’s what we would say if we were recording in San Diego at Comic-con, but sadly we aren’t there.  We can’t go. That wont stop us however from bringing you news from Star Wars celebration, movies and video games. We even get into a music discussion about “metal jazz”. click for more
Jul 012016

custom of the month


To celebrate June’s passing, seven customs go head-to-head in a grueling 5 day battle to determine their superiority and claim the title of Custom of the Month! Let’s show our support for all these fine customs by casting your votes. Check the nomination list and pics VIA THE LINK below, and you can follow the individual links for more, but be sure to vote!

Voting is single choice, so make yours count!

Voting is single choice, so make yours count! 

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Jun 202016

custom customs

Over the past few months Ive been in a creative slump. Nothing has really motivated me to work on a custom piece, and Ive only cranked out a few since I moved to Virginia last summer. Its kind of sucked really. That being said I believe the dust has beeen knocked off because I really felt motivated to do this custom!

Any how, I had the epiphany to use the ROC Rex torso to make a Gambit custom; Gambit being one of my FAVORITE X-Men characters ever. After this I found that I had a Gambit head in my fodder, and then it was just a matter of finding suitably armored legs to really hammer it home. The rest of the work came from some light green stuff sculpting on the lower legs to hide the factory pants sculpting, and using that same green stuff to make his trade mark cards and smokes. The energy effects were done with hot glue.

I hope you dig it!


Head – AVACS Lab Cast
Torso – ROC Rex
Arms – ” ”
Hands – ” ”
Upper Legs – ” ”
Lower Legs – 50th Rock Viper
Feet – DG Snake Eyes

Coat – ROC Rex
Staff – Random Fodder
Cards and cigarette – Green stuff
Energy effect – Hot glue w/ green stuff card inside

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Jun 042016

frontpage toy news


Looks like we are going to see some new Joes and Cobras at JoeCon this year!

Just announced on Hasbro’s Pulse;

Fans Challenged With Hintless Crossword Puzzle

Hasbro is gearing up for the 2016 G.I. Joe series, and Hasbro Pulse is excited to host an intriguing peek at the first brand-endorsed look at the entire line. 2016 will kick off with an exclusive set (available at San Diego Comic Con) and then a series available exclusively at Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth. The eighteen figures slated for 2016 are all arranged in the crossword puzzle below, including the Kindle Worlds Fan Choice figure Stiletto – the only character previously announced in this year’s lineup. The rest of the puzzle is up to the fans to fill in, and NONE of the names have been given any clues or hints.

We realize that offering up a crossword puzzle with zero name hints is pretty rough, but we’re certain that even obscure hints would get sniffed out quickly by our diehard Joe collectors. Instead, fans have a chance to collaborate and discuss before the correct puzzle is revealed this year at the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention in Loveland, Colorado. Come to the Hasbro Brand Panel on Saturday, June 18th to see the puzzle revealed and also get your first peek at the G.I. Joe prototype figures for 2016!


Jun 012016

frontpage toy news

“The Animal Warriors of the Kingdom is an Action figure line based on “the Kingdom: Rise of the Ape King Vol.1″  The Kickstarter has started today and is off to a great start! OG13 and Mayhem Customs member, Jasonwelcome is the creator behind this exciting new line of action figure.

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“The line is in 4 inch scale, with some characters planned to be slightly taller or shorter depending on how they appeared in the comic. You can follow our progress here: sperotoys.com and if you are interested in the project you can like our facebook page.”

Time to get in on the action!!!


May 082016

custom of the month


As April quietly exits stage left, a new Custom of the Month must be crowned! Many contestants lay claim to the title, but only one can win it all… and only YOU can decide the champion! Let’s show our support for all these fine customs by casting your votes. Check the nomination list and pics below, and you can follow the individual links for more, but be sure to return here to vote!

Voting is single choice, so make yours count! 

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Apr 202016

contest contests

From the desk of ozzie92

“Late in the year, but NEVER too late to party like it’s 1999!

The Tradition’s 1st Quarter contest is wide open, so please vote for the custom that jumps out at you!”

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Apr 152016

custom customs

Chaos Crew Customs’ own ozzie92 recently collaborated with the masterful Phantro Customs on a truely awe-inspiring project, the Cobra Buss Boar II with Rap-Viper. As you can see for yourself, it is ultra-impressive! Be sure to check the link below for more, much more!

“Guess who’s gettin’ busy in the back?

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Apr 012016

contest contests

From the desk of ozzie92

Mt. Rushmore’s 2016 1st quarterly contest has a late start, but we’ll be sure to get them all in…

The 1st Quarter will be a wide open, no-holds-barred free-for-all. No theme, run what’cha brung! Any interpretations needed, just PM me…

***Starts MAR 15th – Ends APR 15th***

The skinny:

This will be an ongoing quarterly custom contest of action figures voted on by OG13 members through a private poll. Rules are as follows:

1. ANY size action figure is allowed!

2. Each member will be allowed a maximum of 2 submissions per quarterly contest.

3. Must be a new figure never posted anywhere else.

4. PM me (ozzie92) with your pics and/or brief bio no later than 11:59 pm of the last day. Any stands, effects or backgrounds you want to use are allowed.

5. Voting will be 1 vote per member and the poll will be open for 7 days. In the event of a tie for 1st place a new poll will be opened for those that tied to determine the quarterly winner.


- Digital trophy for bragging rights!

- $25 worth of casted parts from StarWarsGeek Custom Supply Store!

Custom Legends 2016 Dates:

Winter/Quarter 1 (The Tradition) MAR 15 – APR 15
Spring/Quarter 2 (Institutionalized) JUN 15 – JUL 15
Summer/Quarter 3 (Masters of Mayhem) AUG 15 – SEP 15
Fall/Quarter 4 (Plastic Mongers) OCT 15 – NOV 15

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Big Thanks to Star Wars Geek for sponsoring this event. Please check out his custom parts Ebay store in the link below. Top notch parts, top notch dude!

Mar 312016

custom customs spotlight

It seems that often times as a customizer, that my roots are often times forgotten in lieu of a fancy new gimmick or some such. However, for a few of our OGer brothers this is not the case! For a select few, the torch that started the customizing fire still burns brightly! For these individuals O-ring customs are not dead, they are alive and well…and totally exclusive!

With that I would like to request that you take a look a the work being done by the likes of Rambo and Jogunwarrior, and look at what the past still brings to the future!


Click the image to view Rambo’s post and here for his custom gallery!


Click the image to view Jogun’s post and here for his custom gallery!