Feb 032016

custom of the month


As January is laid to rest, a new Custom of the Month must be crowned! Six contestants lay claim to the title, but only one can prevail… and only YOU can decide who will win it all! Let’s show our support for all these fine customs by casting your votes. Check the nomination list and pics below, and you can follow the individual links for more, but be sure to return here to vote! 

Voting is single choice, so make yours count!

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The Nominees for January 2016 are…

Chopshop, by Jogunwarrior

Joe the Condor, by Dravenheart

Budo, by Jarred706

Snake Eyes, by Dravenheart

50th Heavy Metal, by Marine-73

Old Master Temujin, by Skydive

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Feb 012016

custom customs spotlight


Welcome, loyal subjects of the Cobra – er, OG13 empire, to the unveiling of this week’s Research and Development projects. It was a quiet week for our Techno-Vipers, who may of may not be flogged accordingly… but our Tele-Viper spies managed to recover a plethora of valuable reconnaissance in the One-Shot Thread

… Follow the link below, if you dare… COBRAAA!


Jan 252016

custom customs spotlight

Welcome, loyal subjects of the Cobra – er, OG13 empire, to the unveiling of this week’s Research and Development projects. Over 20 new customs, including some great vehicles, were unveiled by our most decorated Techno-Vipers; and our spies also discovered an all-new G.I. Joe team that will be sure to frustrate and infuriate the Commander.

… Follow the link below, if you dare, and behold some of our brilliant creations! COBRAAA!


Jan 162016

custom customs

Customizer Hard-er Master says he “recently got inspired to make a couple more members of the “Original 13″, Breaker and Zap.” Well, these two customs certainly are awe-inspiring… check out the links for more, if you don’t believe me!

View_Discuss[See more great customs from Hard-er Master HERE!]

Jan 072016

custom of the month

As 2015 finally comes to an end, the title for December’s Custom of the Month must be declared! For the Final Battle of 2015, eleven outstanding customs will brawl it out to lay claim to the title… Show your support for all these fine customs by casting your votes now!


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Dec 302015

contest contests

The final Mt. Rushmore Custom Legends Contest for 2015 is winding down, and your help is needed to declare the winner! 11 great customs have entered the fray, and there’s still time for you to pick your favorite… so what are you waiting for?


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Dec 192015

custom customs

GiJoe071681 (a.k.a. “Numbers”, as he’s known in the Syndicate) continues his Christmas tradition with a deliciously evil take on the characters of Oz…

I wanted to try to go a little darker with my wife’s Christmas present this year. With that here is Oz Revisited.


View_Discuss[See more great customs by “Numbers” HERE!]

Dec 142015

contest contests

‘Tis the season for a little random give-away. OG 13 style!!

To start we’re putting up for grabs a Factory Sealed Box of 1991 GI Joe Trading Cards from Impel.

All you have to do is click the link below (and of course be a member of OG13)

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Oh yeah!! And for every 100 posts in the contest thread we’re adding another prize to be given away randomly on Christmas Day to one of the lucky posters!!

Dec 122015

frontpage spotlight

Time to dust off what IS one of the coolest features of OG13.com…a personal salute to our Brothers-in-Arms!

Welcome once again to another installment of the OG-One-Three Filecards Thread. Today we get to trade barbs with codename: Sparks, also known as CNF (hard to shake the undying adulation he has towards one of our founders, but hey–a fresh supply of dead hookers whenever your heart desires? Who can resist?)!

In 2012, at the behest of OG13’s recruiter-extraordinaire Spiderpumpkin, our PIF group from that other forum–including codename: Sparks–defected to OG13, and instantly found a home here. codename: Sparks, along with his pretty chill wife, was the first BrOGer I had ever met in person, back in 2013, @ Indiana Joecon. He was a huge part of my first Joecon experience, as friendships forged via OG13 have me eagerly anticipating each year’s Joecon. To hell with high school reunions!

I am proud to shine the spotlight on my good buddy, Adam! Enjoy the insight into this integral member of the greatest forum on the planet…

Let’s get cookin’ with gas. Adam, what all do you collect?

Click View/Discuss for the entire interview…


Dec 092015

custom of the month


After a heated battle that required sudden-death overtime (for only the second time in CotM history), Viper6’s 50th Tele-Viper emerges victorious! Big congrats to Viper6 for the huge win, and kudos to all who competed… see you next month!

Click the link below to congratulate Viper6 and see more of his winning entry!


Dec 022015

contest contests

From the desk of ozzie92

The 4th Quarter Plastic Mongers Mt. Rushmore contest is here!

And the theme to wrap the year up is…WIDE-FREAKIN’ OPEN. Yep, that’s right. Whatever you want.

Simple rules this time around:

1. Anonymous. Contest entries must only be submitted to ozzie92 via PM.
2. Pic of your entry must be on a white background.
3. Any size action figure is allowed.
4. Must be a new figure not posted elsewhere.
5. Each member is allowed a maximum of two entries.

Contest will be open DEC 1 – DEC 24…voting to follow after Christmas, finishing up before the new year.

Send me (ozzie92) your pics via PM between the first day, 12:01am, and the last day, 11:59pm, of the quarterly contest to be accepted as an entry. Please provide at least ONE and no more than THREE photograph(s) and a complete title for your custom figure. If you would like to provide a brief background bio for your custom you may do so.

Voting will be 1 vote per member and the poll will be open for 5 days. In the event of a tie for 1st place a new poll will be opened for those that tied to determine the quarterly winner.

Winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to StarWarsGeek Custom Supply Shop and a swanky trophy badge designed by the disorderly OG13 Staff!

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