Apr 182014
frontpage spotlight.


Official Site:


APRIL 18-20, 2014


800 W. Katella Ave.,
Anaheim, CA 92802
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12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Extended program hours on
Fri. & Sat. after 7:00 PM

Do we have an OGers attending this weekend’s WonderCon? I believe that Tofuninja and BvH will be there. If you plan on going, and wanted to hang out among friends, click through below and plan from there!


Apr 172014

The ten anonymous entries into this quarters Mt. Rushmore Custom Legends contest are in, and voting is live. Click through the link below and vote for your favourite! If you didn’t enter a custom this time, make sure that you do during the third quarter!

From the desk of Byrnes:

“Big Thanks to StarWarsGeek for sponsoring this event. Please check out his custom parts store in the links above, top notch parts, top notch dude.”

From Star Wars Geek’s Custom Supply Store:

Hello, and welcome to the StarWarsGeek Custom Supply Shop webstore! What you will find here for sale are custom cast parts and supplies for creating your own custom action figures. All parts are cast at my home studio. I will NEVER sell any parts that I feel are unusable. All parts are cast in opaque colors and may ship to you in any of the following colors: black, flesh, brown, white, blue, red, yellow, gray. I can not take requests for specific colors at this time.

Please make sure to double check which category you are looking in for parts, as I have 1:12 (6″ and 7″ figures like Marvel Legends and DCUC) and 1:18 (4″ figures like GI Joe and Marvel Universe) sections and parts in each area.

Click here to enter StarWarsGeek’s Custom Supply Store

Click here to see the contest dates and rules

Click here to VOTE for the current contest: Institutionalized, 2nd Qtr Mt. Rushmore Customs Legends.

Apr 162014

MOCJOES is currently offering a great deal on a complete set of custom wave 1 G.I. Joe Renegades cardbacks. There are 11 cards in the set, and it also includes two variant cards + a BONUS!!! Shipwreck (Wave 2) cardback!

Click through below to take a look, or to request custom cardbacks made for all of your favourite factory and costume figures!


Apr 152014

frontpage spotlight

From the desk of Flint:

“In keeping with what seems to be our tradition of adding new Staff Members after a JoeCon, we are proud to announce that KAEDRYL has been extended an invitation to join the staff and has accepted.

I personally look at the additional Kaedryl as a voice of reason with the swirling windstorm that is an online forum and have appreciated his input and insight into matters in the past. Couple that with his dedication and unwavering loyalty to OG13 we could not think of anyone better to help guide us into the future.

Welcome K as our newest staff, and get that man a beret!!”


Apr 142014

featured customizer

We’re breaking new ground this month, as we expand the Featured Customizer to all members of the O-G-1-3… It wasn’t easy choosing one customizer from all the amazing talent we have here, so I went with one of my closest friends, the man who’s partially responsible for starting me down the customizing path… let’s hear a huge OORAH!!! for Marine-73!


First name: Chad

Age: 40

Where you live: Grand Ledge, Michigan

Number of customs completed:

Over the course of the past 14 yrs I have done well over 200+ customs starting out with Toybiz Marvel Age and McFarlane action figures back in 2000. I took a couple years break in 07 and came back in 09 to customize Joes.

Style of customizing:

I customize with idea to stay faithful to the original design and layout of the original character but with a added mmodern feel and look to a degree so when some one looks at the custom they know who it is supposed to be.

1) What made you want to start customizing? ….


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Apr 142014

frontpage spotlight


After talking among other friends, collectors, and experts at this year’s Joe Con in Dallas, we wanted to go off-site and share the spotlight on a comprehensive look at the second generation of the G.I. Joe o-ring action figure line.

From the synopsis:

“The adventure continued in 1997 and is now completely documented in the R.A.H.C. Guide!

After a brief hiatus in 1994, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero gained a resurgence in pop culture causing a re-release of some favorite characters in their classic molds. This revival eventually induced some experimenting with these classic characters in bold and exciting new directions. Not only did fans get t…o revisit some of their most cherished icons within the G.I. Joe mythos, they were introduced to new characters that are now known and loved.

This full color, 172 page compendium fully explores all six series that were produced within the second generation O-ring torso era (1997-2007) including the Built to Rule line and the Collectors Club special releases. This guide beautifully illustrates the era’s 689 action Figures, 135 vehicles and play sets and 1,349 accessories including all known variations. Not only is every accessory present and accounted for, they have each been assigned a unique number and identified throughout the resource guide. The accessories are then culminated in a separate section clearly displayed and organized by category.
Each action figure has been carefully examined between its initial run and further re-releases to ensure that an accurate sample is clearly and concisely presented for the collector who is identifying individual action figures or sorting through unorganized lots.”

Click through and preview (and buy!) James M. Kavanaugh Jr’s guide today!


Apr 132014

custom customs

Chaos Crew’s own ozzie92 unleashes his latest custom, an awesomely dark Red Shadows Trooper

“I struggled with this one a lot; whether to stick with bright red like the original, or go with a grittier urban version. Since I really liked the cloak, you can see my final direction. Couldn’t resist the pic showing the figure’s ‘shadow’…”

View_Discuss[See more great customs from ozzie92 HERE.]

Apr 112014

custom customs

From the the Syndicate’s very own ska_lives

“This is my take on Ambush. This version is a PMC who has become harder and more worldly after the dissolution of the Joe team. No longer one for gimmicks he is a get in and get done type.”

Head – Stalker v.3 w/ sculpting
Torso – Alley Viper v. 1
Arms – Duke v. 3 w/ added wrist articulation and sculpted armband
Waist – Hawk v. 2
Legs – Beachhead v. 1


View_Discuss[See more of ska_lives' customs HERE.]

Apr 102014

frontpage spotlight

From the ever-snarky desk of Lantern Lad… a new event for those of us who are unable to attend JoeCon, we’re doing BROKECON!

Oh yes… it’s happening again… BrokeCon is an event that will begin tomorrow (Friday, April 11) running through Sunday, April 13th.

BrokeCon is for those of us poor shlubs that could not go to JoeCon… for whatever reason, we couldn’t make it to the beautiful (ahem) state of Texas for this years show. Throughout the show days, the participating donors will list FREE items up for grabs (no purchase necessary).
There are many ways to win, so you just have to keep your eyes peeled in the OFFICIAL BROKECON thread!

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Apr 102014

custom customs

From the desk of Meandnooneelse:

“It’s been a while since I updated here, so here we go! I know a lot of other people have converted a Retaliation 3 pack Roadblock into a traditional style Roadblock, but I wanted one for myself, since the 25th version just doesn’t look strong enough to carry a Browning M2 around by hand.”

View_Discuss[See more of Meandnooneelse's customs HERE.]

Apr 102014

contest contests

Voting (and trash talking!) is live for the SECOND round of The Annihilation… Check out all the details below, and be sure to vote!

From the desk of ska_lives:

“Round one finishes with many a victim falling to the hands of stronger competitors. The fallen are disposed of via transport back to their homes, no medical attention, they are left as they are to fend for themselves when they arrive. Round 2 begins, same stakes..however to up the Ante the unknown patron of these games has decided to set the battlefield as the urban sprawl. Populated with pedestrians, the fighters must be able to pick their battle wisely…WHO IS BEST SUITED? WHO WILL WIN!!!????”


Check out the Match-Up threads here:

Flashbang vs. Korinas

Forest Demon vs. Billy Kessler

 click for more

Apr 082014

custom customs

From the workshop of TBagg’s Wife:

“This is my 2nd custom ever. Templar Baggins wouldn’t hook me up with Cover Girl’s jacket so I had to come up with something on my own. I used the torso and arms from Paris Pursuit Baroness, the head is from Spy Lounge, upper legs are from ROC Cover Girl, lower legs are from Renegades Scarlett and the backpack is 25th Hawk. Baggins says I officially paint faces better than him!!”


Apr 042014

custom customs

NEUSPEAQ from Mayhem Customs brings us an outstanding rendition of the Dreadnok pirate, Zanzibar! Click below for more, and be sure to check out the rest of NEUSPEAQ’s customs… they will not disappoint!

“I had A LOT of fun working to make the ‘Nok Pirate a bit more menacing, and a lot less like a tool… Hope you guys like him as much as I do!”

View_Discuss[See more customs by NEUSPEAQ HERE.]

Apr 012014


MOCJoes (Custom Graphics and Printing for action figures and toys) is now the sponsor for our Custom of the Month contest. Please welcome Carlos and crew, click through his graphic to visit his site, and take a look at the rules below.

The Rules:

  • ALL customs submitted to OG13 from the 1st of the month through the 30th/31st qualify (this is NOT limited to Joes), even if they are in other competitions.
  • Any user can nominate a custom from that time period, but NOT your own Custom.
  • Must be an Original Custom

Nominations should include:

  • Customizer’s Name
  • Name of Custom
  • Link to the custom’s URL

Nominate at: https://www.og13.com/forums/showthread.php?2975-Front-Page-Nominations

  • Only those with a post count of 100 or more can vote
  • The nomination cut-off date is the 31st. Customs posted in the last 4 days of the previous month may be nominated.
  • Voting takes place for 5 days after the poll is posted.
  • In the case where we may miss a custom in the voting poll like in Sept. 2013, or a tie between customs; we will create a new poll and the two most voted customs will have a sudden death vote and the winner of that poll will be the Custom of the Month.

The Winner:

  • A winner is announced the day after the poll closes.
  • The winner receives a new Custom of the Month card front, back and bubble, courtesy of MOCJOE!
  • The winner also gets a (snarky) Lantern Lad Trophy to display in their signature!

Card Sample: