Supertroopers 2

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Mar 252015

entertainment news

Super Troopers 2 is officially a go thanks to the over $2 million in donations the film’s Indiegogo page has received just one day into its campaign.

Of course we’re not affiliated with Broken Lizard in any way, but I think the majority of us can agree that the first SUPERTROOPERS movie was pretty damn funny.

Good luck guys, can’t wait to see to see this hit the theaters.

The film currently has $2,016,658 in funds raised, and the numbers are still climbing.




Mar 232015

custom customs

From the workshop of TIEFightertk069:

“I’ve been here for a while, and figured it was time to say hello. Some really great work and a few familiar faces here! Anyway, here are a few of the things I’ve been working on lately. I hope y’all enjoy them, and look forward to hearing what you think. Cheers!”


Mar 202015

charity charities

From the desk of Byrnes:

“Looking to help raise some money for a good cause. I’ve asked the members to post their customs for sale here. I’ll leave the details of the sales up to each member. I’ll update the first post with info throughout the thread so you can get a quick look.”



Mar 142015

Our good friends at AngelForge have let us know about an opportunity to help lift the spirits of a really, really great human being who has been a longstanding pillar of the community, and can really use some positivism in his life.

From XOC2008:

“You guys know Meddatron, and he’s had some major health things come up lately. I don’t want to say more than that, because it’s not my place, but I wanted to add that what we do I guarantee will be appreciated for a long time to come. And sure, he may see this post, so be it.

You guys have your charity thing, and this isn’t really that. Some of us at Angelforge and an the 118th (so far) are going in on a group project for Medd. It doesn’t have to be strictly customs, though a lot of us are working on stuff like that. If you want to participate, feel free to join AF’s forum if you haven’t, and come to the thread here:…e-medd-project.

Even if you can’t actively participate but have some ideas that you might want to toss our way, we’d appreciate it. Thanks!

If you get a chance, click through the URL below and see if you are inspired. Meddatron is seriously one of the great ones.


Mar 132015

Do you have a custom Hit & Run, painting, artwork,photo, sketch or any other piece of custom work related to this month’s selected character Hit & Run? If so please share with us. Or get to work and make something for the showcase. Here’s some submissions from a few faithful showcase customizers so far.

Indiana Joe




Mar 122015

custom customs

From the workshop of Vanishing Point:

“Last year after Joecon I started a side project, it was to make my own versions of the repaint squads using different era, original and other media characters instead of straight repaints. TIGER FORCE. The result is as follows: Tiger Force and their Counterparts.”


Mar 102015

custom customs

He’s new here, but many of you may recognize him from around the web. Take a moment to check out his fantastic work, and tell him hello!

From the workshop of JasonWelcome:

“Hey Guys I’m happy to be here, I’ll be posting a mix of finished and WIP figures with certain customs meant to display pieces while others are meant to actually be played with. Anyways I hope you enjoy!”


Mar 092015

C.O.M.B.A.T. (Charitable Organization Mobile Battle Android Trooper)

Welcome to version 2 of OG13’s charity figure drive. This year, we will be donating all profits to a single OGer in need, who will be revealed at the end of this endeavour. 100% of the figures, accessories, casting, molds, paint, labels, money, and time came directly from our charity crew. This was 100% OGer funded and driven!

Sales Info:

  1. Limit ONE figure per person/household.
  2. Cost will be $30.00 for the figure, which INCLUDES US shipping (International Shipping will be the extra, ACTUAL cost of shipping)
  3. Send your Payment via Paypal Friends/Family to
    – if you select Paypal Goods, the price is $32.00
  4. Orders will start shipping the week of March 23rd.
  5. Orders can be delivered in person at JoeCon at the SAME $30.00 cost. There is no discount for personal delivery.
    – We encourage Convention delivery, so that all of the $30 goes to the recipient, not $30.00 minus shipping costs!
  6. 40 figures will initially be sold, with OTHER plans in store for the other 10.
  7. Place your order in THIS thread or via PM to Krisk.

Mar 092015
custom customs spotlight


Welcome, loyal subjects of the Cobra – er, OG13 empire, to the unveiling of this week’s Research and Development projects. It was a quiet week for our engineers (who will be punished accordingly), but our spies delivered valuable reconnaissance in The “One-Shot” Picture Thread, and new entry to DANGER CLOSE was made by Viper6 in The Writer’s Block… Read on, if you dare, and be sure to follow the links to the individual threads for more. COBRAAA!


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Fixer, by NEUSPEAQ

Zartan, by NEUSPEAQ

X-Men Evolution Gambit, by Dravenheart

Ultraman v2, by Dravenheart

X-Force Spiral, by Dravenheart

Crimson Guard Commander, by Brokenclown

Range Viper Omega, by Hawkeye

Cobra Coils w/ Stinger Mk.2, by nighthawk

The End, by Brokenclown

Zartan V1, by Indiana Joe

Baroness, by Storm

Customs Talk

  • “Calling All Customs!” March’s Custom Showcase Character is HIT & RUN! Post your customs, new and old, HERE!
  • After a tight race and 24 hour tiebreaker vote, we have a new champion for Custom of the Month! Congrats to ian and his Scottish Royal Regiment custom for the well deserved win, and kudos to all the other competitors, who’s work was equally exceptional!

Photography & Dioramas

From The “One-Shot” Picture Thread:

photo credits: VideoViper

photo credit: Meddatron

The Writer’s Block

DANGER CLOSE update, by Viper6

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Mar 062015

entertainment news

If you are familiar with Kokomo Toys, then you likely already know the names Todd and Amber Jordan.

They’ve just release their first episode of Yesteryear Toys on PBS, which is a look back on the toys that we all know, love, and some of us even hoard and collect!

They’ve supported our past charitable endeavors out of pure goodness of heart and community, so let’s put some eyes on their project and see if we can help them make it a success. If you watch it, and you like it, be sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to it, and share it with your friends!


Mar 032015

frontpage toy news

The official G.I. Joe club has revealed the latest Guest for the 2015 convention in Springfield. Take a look below, and click VIEW/DISCUSS to share your opinion.

 “We are thrilled to announce that artist Robert Q. Atkins will also be a featured guest for GIJoeCon 2015!”

*image courtesy of comicsfix.comView_DiscussGIJoeCon 2015 - Home!

Mar 012015

custom of the month


That’s right, the polls are open for February’s Custom of the Month! Show your support for your comrades-in-plastic by placing your vote in this month’s contest. There’s 19 great entries to chose from and remember, voting is multiple choice. Chose one or chose them all, just go and vote!

This month’s contestants:

Downtown, by ian
Roadblock, by Skydive
Repeater, by Skydive
Bill the Butcher, by bucky
Vega, by Dravenheart
Storm Shadow v2, by ska_lives
Sure Fire v2, by Code Red Shockwave
Golobulus, by Letal
Dr. Venom, by Brokenclown
Thundra, by Dravenheart
Death Wing, by icecreamman
Rock N Roll, by Marine-73
50th Roadblock, by Marine-73
Blade, by icecreamman
Major Bludd, by BorisPing
Metal Gear Sold Snake, by ska_lives
Gung Ho, by Letal
Toxo Zombie, by Meddatron
Scottish Royal Regiment, by ian


Mar 012015
custom customs spotlight
Welcome, loyal subjects of the Cobra – er, OG13 empire, to the unveiling of this week’s Research and Development projects. Our top engineers were hard at work delivering over a dozen new customs, our spies delivered valuable reconnaissance in Photography Section, and new entries were made in The Artist’s Corner by our resident clairvoyants. Read on, if you dare, or make the jump below for the complete list and follow the links to the individual threads. COBRAAA!

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King of the Nerds, by Video Viper
Budo, by nighthawk
TMNT Shredder (finished), by ShadowNinja
Rust, by Brokenclown
Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth, by Dravenheart
Age of Apocalypse Wolverine, by Dravenheart
Parallax, by Dravenheart
Smokescreen, by nighthawk
Sub-Zero, by ska_lives
Toxo Zombie, by Meddatro
Playboy Bunny Zombies, by Meddatron
Proffessor Pyg and Gotham thug, by Meddatron
Recoil, by icecreamman
Barricade, by icecreamman
Nullifier/Flak Viper, by Code Red Shockwave
Suicide Viper, by Indiana Joe

Customs Talk

Photography & Dioramas

Cold Slither Concert, by Video Viper

Joe Cafeteria (WIP), by Skydive

The Artist’s Corner

SW Emperor Silicone Mask - by Melissa

Custom Card art – Storm Shadow v2 - by ska_lives


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