SB Cobra’s Life Rebuild Project (GoFundMe)

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Jul 222014

frontpage spotlight

My fellow Mayhem Brother, Sonny Hernandez recently fell on some hard times and needs our help to get him back on his feet. He currently has started a GoFundMe event and is looking to raise money to help. Please if you have a few bucks in your Joe allowance, put it to a good cause.

Here is the link to the Gofundme page.

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Boss Fight Studio’s Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Action Figures

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Jun 042014

frontpage toy news

Boss Fight Studios are the designers behind many of the Modern G.I. Joe Figures and now they are branching off to create their own line of Highly Articulated Character Kit System. To get started they have created a Kickstarter campaign and need the support of the community to get these awesome figures out into the world. Their first series is based off Greek Mythology.

These seem to be more marketed toward the Custom Builder Community, but can certainly be enjoyed by any collector out there!

Our First Figures: Greek Warriors and Gorgons!

The theme for our first assortment of Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. action figures is Greek mythology. We were very excited by the huge scope of these particular mythos.  Our plan is to release an initial wave of four figures, plus several exclusives.

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Female Action Figure Kickstarter “I Am Elemental”

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May 162014

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Fierce female action figures that embody the Elements of Courage: Bravery, Energy, Honesty, Industry, Enthusiasm, Persistence & Fear.

IAmElemental Action Figures for Girls were designed to accomplish three goals.
First, they are intended to be a positive and fierce re-interpretation of the traditional female action figure.

Second, IAmElemental action figures encourage girls to reinvent the superhero myth by creating their own empowering stories. In the traditional, male-dominated superhero universe, action figures are endowed with powers from without (via a spider bite, mutant DNA, or some sort of “accident”). In the IAmElemental universe, the girl herself is the superhero – and she has all the superpowers she will ever need already inside of her.

Third, we set out to create a toy that is super fun to play with and collect. We knew from the outset that if the figures weren’t well-designed, nothing else would matter.

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[Customs] 30th “Definitive” Cutter by Dark Perceptor

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Jan 272014

Our very own staff member and all around awesome OGer, Dark Perceptor has nailed it out of the park above the Green Monstah, with his latest custom Cutter! A beautifully made blend of classic Cutter and his DEF style that brings forth the artistry of DP’s increasing skills as a master custom builder.


Custom of the Month: October 2013 Winner Is…

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Nov 052013


After tallying the votes we have a winner:

Ian and his custom Anaconda!

Congratulations on winning Custom of the Month!


Custom of the Month – July 2013 – Voting Polls are now open!

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Aug 052013

Custom of the Month

Time to get out those voting buttons. It will be Multiple choice. You can vote for however many, but only once, so make your vote count!

Remember the Winner of the Contest gets a $25 spending spree at !!!

Click here to cast your Vote(s)

Custom of the Month – July 2013 Nominees (Hosted by WB Collect)

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Jul 042013

It’s that time of the month to start nominating your favorite customs that you think deserve to be custom of the month!

Here is a quick break down of the rules,

The Rules:

  • ALL customs submitted to OG13 from the 1st of the month through the 30th qualify (this is NOT limited to Joes), even if they are in other competitions.
  • Any user can nominate a custom from that time period, but NOT your own Custom.
  • Nominations should include:

    • Customizer’s Name
    • Name of Custom
    • Link to the custom’s URL
  • The nomination cut-off date is the 30th.
  • Voting takes place from the 31th to the 2nd.
  • A winner is announced on the 3rd.
  • The winner receives a $25 Gift Certificate to!
  • The winner gets a Lantern_Lad Trophy to display in their signature!

Custom of the Month – May Winner Is…

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Jun 052013


sgcaper’s Mystery Inc. Congratulations on this great victory and welcome to the elite team of winners on the OG13!

Click Here to congratulate sgcaper on this awesome win!

Custom of the Month – May 2013 Voting has begun!

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May 312013

Thanks to our Contest Sponsor WB Collect, the polling/voting has begun for May’s Custom of the Month contest. The winner of the contest will win a $25 Virtual Gift Certificate to spend at , along with a trophy to display in their signatures on the OG13.

There is some fierce competition this month and its going to be hard to pick, that’s why we have Multiple choice voting, but in the end only One can be…

Custom of The Month!

May 072013


Just recently, we were introduced to Cobra 1st Legion, who joined our Facebook page and gave us an amazing array of Cosplayers in some pretty incredible costumes! We are fortunate to have them join up and provide the realization that we need a Cosplay section, as we have a lot of people here that participate in dressing up as some of our most beloved characters. Please help us in welcoming our newest team of members and check out some of their incredible work.

Click here for the Cobra 1st Legion OG13 page

Click here to visit Cobra 1st Legion’s Facebook and Base of Operations page

Click here to contribute to the new Cosplay section on OG13


May 062013

Do you guys and gals like free stuff? Want to earn some insane prizes? Have blue or red paint in your custom bins? Do you have any artistic skills like drawing or painting or even writing?
Then you need to check out the Mayhem Customs Group Contest on the OG13 and get in on this amazing contest! You only have 11 days left to enter (Submissions end on May 17th), so time to make this your immediate priority or you will miss out on one of the biggest and greatest prize packages that have ever been offered in any custom contest!
Click here if you are Crazy enough to enter this contest!


May 032013

Congratulations to Mayhem Custom member CrimsonGord for his Cobra Frost Viper!!!

To the winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate to,


Click Here to share your congratulations to the April 2013 winner!

Apr 292013

Fellow OG13 member NEUSPEAQ takes his Budo from his fan-fiction and delivers an amazing custom!

If you haven’t already read The Sleeping Sword, click the link and catch up quick!

Click here to leave comments and view more photos.

Apr 272013

OG13 is proud and honored to add Stronox to its ranks of Master Custom Builders. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us and we can’t wait to see more. Featured here is his Nemesis Enforcer.

Click here for more photos and leave a comment.

Apr 032013

A whole new month of custom creations is underway. Time to start checking out your fellow OGers‘ customs and start nominating them for Custom of the Month! Thanks again to our sponsor, for providing the prizes for the winner!

Custom of the Month Nominations

Apr 032013

Indiana Joe with his jaw-dropping, amazing modern take on a beloved classic bad guy from the Cobra Verse, Raptor. Join us in celebration and congratulations to March’s winner. A big thank you to our sposor for providing the prizes for our monthly winners.

 Click here to leave comments and congrats.

Mar 192013

Thanks to the Creative Mind of OG13 member VanHammer, we now have a great Custom Group Project Contest for our Customizers!!!

“The goal of this contest is to create a new Oktober Guard member from a communist country other than the USSR.”

You have plenty of time to enter as the deadline isn’t until, June 16th.”

Here are the rules:

  • Your character must be from one of the countries in the list posted in this thread.
  • A bio must be submitted with your custom figure.
  • The character has to have a place of birth in their bio. Their real name is not necessary.
  • You must include their primary military speciality as well as their secondary military speciality. Be creative with these. I don’t want to see 20 heavy machine gunners.
  • You can submit as many entries as you want but only one of them will be included in the poll to decide the best custom. Tell me which one you want in the poll.
  • Be sure when you list the character’s place of birth to include the official full name of the country. I.E. People’s Republic of China, people’s republic of Bulgaria, etc.
  • The deadline for entries will be June 16th, 2013.
  • I will select the top 3 best bios.
  • The top 3 best figures will be decided in a poll taken part by the members of

The most important part is to have fun and most importantly try to be as creative as possible!

The prizes!!!!

Winner of the best Figure gets one Retaliation MOC figure.

Winner of the best Bio gets one Retaliation MOC figure.


Mar 192013

If you haven’t checked out the Custom of the Month contest on the OG13, then you are doing yourself a disservice and need to get over there after you read this announcement and start nominating your favorite customs that have been made this month. Anyway, I digress and want to let everyone know that we now have a sponsor who is going to help with the prizes for the winner of the contest!!!!

WB Collects are, “A collectibles business dealing with all types of Action Figures & Comic Books. Our specialty is Zenescope Comics & GI JOE Action Figures But we uncover all types of treasures in our hunts!”

So please join us in welcoming our sponsor and check out their pages and even place an order while you’re there!

The Custom of the Month Link…

Mar 012013


Time to get out those voting buttons. It will be Multiple choice. You can vote for however many, but only once, so make your vote count!

Cast Your Vote Here