Letal bringing the “H.E.A.T.” – Viper v. 2!

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Aug 052015

custom customs spotlight

Syndicate customs member Letal has brought some serious firepower to the table with his most recent work. His rendition of the 90’s Deco H.E.A.T.-Viper v.2 is fantastic! Take a look and see the modernization for yourself and see how it is a great take on a classic.

Click to view more!

The Syndicate Customs Group Fundraiser Sale!

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Mar 202015

charity charities

From the desk of Byrnes:

“Looking to help raise some money for a good cause. I’ve asked the members to post their customs for sale here. I’ll leave the details of the sales up to each member. I’ll update the first post with info throughout the thread so you can get a quick look.”



March: Calling All Customs (Hit & Run)

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Mar 132015

Do you have a custom Hit & Run, painting, artwork,photo, sketch or any other piece of custom work related to this month’s selected character Hit & Run? If so please share with us. Or get to work and make something for the showcase. Here’s some submissions from a few faithful showcase customizers so far.

Indiana Joe




Voting Poll Open for 1st Quarter Mt Rushmore Custom Legends

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Feb 192015

This quarter’s theme was Service Dress. Please take a second to vote on the custom you think has the look and overall custom chops to be named the 1st Quarter winner.

POLL: February Calling All Customs Character

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Jan 282015

Who will it be. Please click on the link to vote on your favorite Joe or Cobra character for the month of Feb

Sgt Slaughter
Cover Girl

Gi Joe Custom Character Showcase: Mercer

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Jan 232015

It’s the return of the “Calling All Customs “A Gi Joe character showcase. If your a customizer, artist, writer doesn’t matter to us. We’d love to showcase Mercer for the month of January.

2015 Mt. Rushmore Custom Legends Contest Begins

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Jan 142015

We have 4 quarterly custom contests set for the year. Participate in 1 or all of them. New format and rules for this year so be ready for anything. Contest starts tomorrow Jan 15th and to kick things off the theme for this 1st Qtr which we call “The Tradition” will be just that, it’s a GI Joe/Cobra Military Service Dress or Service Academy look. So get those clean cut men and women dressed up and make those boots shine. This contest ends on Feb 15th.

[CUSTOMS] Cesspool by Letal

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Oct 012014

custom customs

From the workshop of Letal:

“This one was a lot of fun to do and at the same challenging for me to finish, to sculpting or gluing or deciding how to distribute the colors on the details there was a good deal of work. Originally I wanted to use a Darth Sidious head, which I saw on other custom and it is a great fit .. only .. I didn’t have one here, but thanks to my brother Byrnes, I had this extra Rex Lewis figure, so I tried my luck with it … and I must admit I am very happy with the result.

Some things I thought while doing this figure:

His right arm is not robotic, it is in fact sort of a shell/exoskeleton made of gold to protect his skinless arm which without this protection would rotten.

The right arm and left side of his face took the blunt of the toxic liquid in the accident, but just the vapors turned all his exposed skin into a thin and fragile thing.

The device in his left leg is an automatic dispenser, to administer drugs and painkillers to keep him alive and walking (don’t you think and that chemicals would give him cancer).”


[CUSTOMS] Capt. Grid Iron by Letal

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Sep 302014

custom customs

From the workshop of Letal:

“1990. Love that year.

I guess I tried to keep things faithful and yet a little less goofy, if such thing is possible. I like to think CGI having his 1st MOS as Anti-Tank Specialist … a nemesis for Metal-Head maybe. His main weapon bothered me because there was no protection from the blast of the missiles, so I modified the one you see here to look a little less dangerous to the user

Anyway… does this guy work? Let me know if you will”


[CUSTOMS] Bazooka “Zook” by ska_lives

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Sep 182014

custom customs

From the workshop of ska_lives:

“This figure was my first entry into the GI Joe: RELOADED project that Icecreamman is putting on(go check the entries out!). I had this figure pieced together for MONTHS prior to this, because he was going to be a regular Bazooka custom, but I just couldnt figure out what I wanted to do with the jersey.
Reloaded came along, and I decided that since this was set in the near future I would repurpose the custom and make it into a relative of an original Joe member. Thus ‘Zook, the son of the original Bazooka was born. I opted to make him a Rugby player because it would allow me to give him a jersey number without painting numbers across the split of the torso, and it would work well for incorporating the Joe logo as a team seal. From there is was just painting and some washes, then voila!
I hoped you enjoy, and that you enjoy all of the hard work everyone has put into RELOADED!”


[CUSTOMS] Canadian Army Royal 22nd – Vandoos (by ian)

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Sep 052014

custom customs

From the workshop of ian:

“It’s been a very long time since I posted a new custom… no inspiration and really busy.

But, here’s Vandoos

The Royal 22nd Regiment, in French and officially (in both French and English usage) Royal 22e Régiment and colloquially The VanDoos (an anglicized pronunciation of the word twenty-two, vingt-deux, “22” in French), is an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army. The mostly francophone regiment comprises three Regular Force battalions, two Primary Reserve battalions, and a band, making it the largest regiment in the Canadian Army and the largest francophone regiment in America. (source Wikipedia)”


GI Joe Reloaded Day 2 – Absolute Mayhem

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Sep 022014

Representing Mayhem Customs, here are the awesome creations of TR1ER aka Marauder Ruben and Lowlight27!

click to enter

[CUSTOMS] Major Bludd (by Jogunwarrior)

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Aug 142014

custom customs

From the workshop of Jogunwarrior:

“This is one of my most recent customs. I wanted to make a Major Bludd that meshed both his traditional brown and more Cobra-esque blue colors together into one uniform. I also wanted him to look or fit in with characters from the 85-86 line up.”


[CUSTOMS] Tiger Force Beachhead (by ska_lives)

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Jul 302014

custom customs

From the workshop of ska_lives:

“My second entry into the quarterly contest, my version of TF Beachhead. I based this figure off of the con version from a few years back…not sure 2004-7 somewhere is that window I think. Anywho, Beachhead has always been one of my favorite characters, and Tiger Force one of my favorite sub-teams. Thus it was only natural for me to take my extra figure and make this.

C&C welcome as always!

He is known for his unwavering patience on and off the battlefield, and for his intolerance of anyone not willing to live up to their full potential. Beach Head feels that being pushed to the limits is the only way to develop a solid understanding of what those limits are. The consummate professional, he is determined and ruthless when needed to get the job done. The only matter his teammates have an issue with, is his lack of interest in personal hygiene. He disregards things like deodorant, believing that they would be a dead giveaway were he dropped into a jungle war zone at a moment’s notice. This trait is also one which made him the perfect candidate for the new Tiger Force team.”


[CUSTOMS] Stretcher (by Letal)

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Jul 222014

custom customs

From the workshop of Letal:

“Another great figure from the year 1990: Stretcher.

You will see there’s a change in his “vehicle” … for a O-Ring figure his flying platform was a nice acc, but I wanted something that could actually carry a wounded soldier … or at least carry Stretcher himself .. because really for a modern figure the original platform is a wee bit tiny. I am by no means a vehicle customizer but I tried my hand in this ATV and had some fun in making it useful for a rescue trooper. I don’t Stretcher would always use a vehicle but in some situations it might come in handy.

“A bumpy extraction is better than no extraction.” – Stretcher”


[CUSTOMS] Dr. McNinja (by Tim 121RVC)

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Jul 172014

custom customs

From the workshop of Tim 121RVC:

“When I decided to participate in a Ninja-themed contest, I had trouble finding the right ninja to recreate. I somehow encountered the site of Doctor McNinja, a fantastic and hilarious webcomic about a ninja featuring all the cheesy ninja clichés from the eighties. Never heard of him before, but I really LMFAO-ed reading all of his episodes and was convinced this guy had to be my NJC entry.
I really recommend checking out his adventures. If you liked all those retro martial arts / ninja movies, you will certainly appreciate this comic.”


[CUSTOMS] Sneak Peak (by Letal)

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Jul 162014

custom customs

From the workshop of Letal:

“Hi there! After a couple of months without posting new customs, here’s one that was actually finished by the end of April.

I know this helmet and head were used before for some great customs here (It made the front page here I am certain), so tks for the inspiration. Please share any thoughts on yet another Sneak Peek custom.”


[CUSTOMS] Objective: Hell Destro (by Jogunwarrior)

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Jul 152014

custom customs

From the desk of Jogunwarrior:

“Preceding my Mega Marine Initiative, Objective: Hell features a group of Joe’s teaming up with the Iron Grenadiers, and two new mysterious Cobra operatives after the discovery of a subterranean portal to another dimension. Objective: Hell as a concept is loosely based on the Team Seven comic which was penned by Chuck Dixon. I chose the name Objective: Hell because of the concept and in honor of Dixon.

Learning of the discovery of the portal to “hell”, Destro and Scrap Iron have converged on the entrance to the underground portal at the same time as the Joe’s. Instead of battling one another, the Iron Grenadiers volunteer to assist the Joe’s in their quest to defeat the invading force. To what end Destro is seeking is a mystery to all but him.

I wanted to put together a combat ready Destro with thick armor and a big gun, inspired by one modern era releases. I’ve always been a big fan of the IG Destro head as it is actually looks like a helmet and not a painted head. Plus I’ve always been a big fan of the IG colors.
There were two things I wanted to do with this custom but did not have a chance to: I wanted to give him wrist mounted rockets, and I wanted to paint the eyes. This will just require me to eventually put together another Destro custom at some point in the future.”


[CUSTOMS] Gung-Ho, Battle Wagon Driver (by Jogunwarrior)

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Jul 102014

custom customs

From the desk of Jogunwarrior:

“The Battle Wagon is an awesome vehicle, and always seemed like one that could have easily had a driver included. I’ve recently started incorporating existing Joe’s that are not typically vehicle drivers such as Gung-Ho. He seemed like a perfect fit behind the controls of this monster.

I really enjoy how this custom came out. I liked using the Dr. Mindbender head on my Dino-Hunter Gung-Ho figure so I decided to use that again here. The grenades on the Monkeywrench torso are a nod to the original Gung-Ho figure which came with a small grenade launcher. I decided to paint a shirt on him so I didn’t have to mess with trying to give him a chest tattoo.”